Lord of the Rings Merchandise

See that poster on ebay someone posted? I got that one now hehe tis above my bed yaaaa! Hm...d'you think they'll make a LOTR duvet cover so I can have Legolas in me bed?:naughty:

wot am I like:rolleyes:

ps Saw LOTR mugs - only Saruman tho ick ick ick
u will NEVER guess what my mother has gone and done! :mad:

she's gone and ordered the HP video.........and we get a free mug! i don't even have a lotr mug! :crying:

(tho i did see one of the few posters i haven't got 2day in woolies! ;))
Hp mug? ew!

Want a Legolas mug I do...One word - duuuuuuh
i want a frodo one so i can stare at it all day long!

i already have a giant poster of frodo who looks so yummy i could kiss him ;)
I haven't kissed my Legolas poster yet - it's too new and I don't want lipgloss all over it:D
i wipe my lipgloss off before i kiss it :D

u know, this is kinds embarresing. i'mrevealing my inner secrets! :D :rolleyes: :eek:
oh Jess it's not like we didn't know you love Frodo - but what happened to Aragorn hm? u used to love him! awww pooor arries gone to have a manly sulk:p

Nah I just like mine where he is - watching over me while I'm a-sleepin':D
i put up a piccie above my bed so i can see him allllllllll the time :D :rolleyes: :D
on the window wall of my room the roof is slanted, so I put the Legolas poster on there (It wont stick to the artex on the ceiling) So I can stare at him form the comforts of my bed mmm...
same here. sometimes i just lie there and gaze up for 10 minutes or more *sighs wistfully*
10 minutes?! pah! I'd stay there all day if it weren't for school and occasional meals and of course - ASciFi! But...BUT! he's got the arrow on the wrong side of his hand - in the pose hes a left handed archer and the arrow should be on his thumb side - nay! Its on his finger side ummmm! will have to punish him for being a naughty elf ummm!:naughty:
LOL Legolas. Glad you found a poster of your favourite man to have on your wall.

Hi Jessa :wave:

annette :)

he is an ELF!!!!:angryfire:

so when and if they bring out LOTR duvet covers someone tell me so I can go and be sad and buy a Legolas one...
Sorry Legolas, didn't mean to offend. :( :crying:

Haven't seen LOTR duvet set yet.

annette :D
awww tis a shame...quite fancied the idea of an elf in me bed:naughty:
Originally posted by Annette
LOL Legolas. Glad you found a poster of your favourite man to have on your wall.

Hi Jessa :wave:

annette :)
hey netty! :wave:
Least we don't want to sleep with elves. :p :p

annette :lol:
No certain ppl who are getting married RIGHT NOW want to sleep with hobbits - have you forgotten Jessas Wedding Annette?!

and what do you expect?!:rolleyes:
ERmmmmm *laughing loudly* sorry hehehehe!!!!!!!!!

Don't know whats worse then elves or hobbits with those feet!!!!!.


annette :p

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