Lord of the Rings Merchandise

*shakes head* Jessa jessa Jessa...I'm surprised at you...
I know who it is. Starts with a J.

Won't Legolas get jealous?

annette :D
well if thats all my apology is worht then i shouldn't a-bothered!:D
I tell you what I saw when I went shopping last -

- LOTR wrapping paper (which I bought just because)

- LOTR character bookmark cards (I bought the Legolas one, it's still in the wrapper :D)

- Chunky metal keyrings of the Eye and the Elven brooch, with the Elvish writing on the back

- Replica rings of the One Ring and the Witch King ring, in a funky lil light up box on a chain (about £13, which I REALLY want)

- LOTR metal keyring figures, the ones I saw were Saruman, Lurtz and orcs. din have time to look properly

- LOTR chess set (AMAZING IT WAS!)

- LOTR mugs (Legolas was all sold out :D)

Geez...I just realized how long its been since I posted here... blarg! Anyways!!!! Im still needing some LOTRs stuff...I had an awesome poster of Legolas...but(this is painful) when my mother took it down to paint my room she ripped it and instead of trying to save it she threw it out!!!!!!When I got back from camp I cried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got a LOTR advent calandar for December! YEEEHAAA! somedays, instead of chocolates theres gummy 'rings' :D hehe!

And mum got me the LOTR TT 2003 Calendar for Xmas...hehe Cant wait!
Unless I've missed mention of them somewhere else in this thread, what about the game cards? Anybody else got 'em?

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