Lord of the Rings Merchandise

I saw a lord of the rings costume the other day advertised on the net...
Frodo's i think.. it was a hobbit one
nah not gonna buy it - wouldn't fit...:D

if you did buy it what would you do with it?
Saw some LOTR's phone fascias today. For the Nokia 3310. They had different designs on, The One Ring being one of them. Looked pretty good.

annette :D
sweet! were there any Legolas ones? hehe! i'll have to buy me one! I knew I was subconsciously saving my money for something!
no worries, I know the shops that sell fascias (my name is Rosie and I am a shopaholic...) So I'll go lookies!
i got a giant piccie of frodo for my b'day, and a poster with all the fellowship and them climbing up the mountin in a straight line, and i have frodo piccies all over my walls and ceiling :D

NO ONE can say I'M obsessed:D
I have posters and pics, but I'm not as obsessed as Jessa is about Frodo... My room is (prepare for the shock) tidy for once in a million years and my walls are quite clear now, save my massive LOTR poster and my pic of Legolas by the door...
i know what u mean leggy! my parents made me tidy my room as well yesterday! i don't like going in there at da mo cos it's so tidy..........it's scary :erm:
Ebay are selling lord of the rings shirts online
Hey Legolas, maybe theres a T-shirt with your favourite man on?

annette :D
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! gotta buy it so I can have (teehee) Legolas on me all day (giggle):blush: :blush: :blush:
oooh that looks yummy, but if its on there its either on the net in a printable version or being sold in a shop somewhere near me yaaa!

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