Lord of the Rings Merchandise

i haven't bought ne thing yet, gonna after my b'day...got ne ideas wot i should get?
There is alot of LOTR's merchandise available. I have seen quite a lot being sold in Forbidden Planet(stores nationwide). There are figures, shot glasses, books, calendars and of course 'The One Ring' - also known as 'my preciousssssssssssssss'. (hehe)

Skip owns one of these thanks to me. Sent it to her in the post. I'm sure she'll tell you how brilliant it is. Only £12.99.

annette :D
It's GREAT my preciousssssssssssssssss and you can't have it no no no no no it's MINE!

But really, tis in a small box which lights up, is engraved and inscription in black and comes on chain and me think's its great, don't we preciousssssss?
haha!~!That was great!~!yeah but anyways...I want the book set... * I thought i was expensive b4 when it was almsot 40$ now its like 60$* and a lil' leggy action figure!~!And a nice big poster to cover that hole on my wall
I still not got my books yet:( :( :( oh well I got a big poster, about 100 lil ones i printed off, a calendar and the Frodo and Galadriel from Burger King - but i want Legolas!
Hope you guys get what you want for your birthday. Lots and lots of LOTR's merchandise.

annette :D
Are you going to have a spending spree and buy LOTR merchandise?

annette :D
I just been shoppign and i was looking at osters - i SO want the Map of Middle Earth, but i noticed a mistake in it - the hobbits go thru Midgewater but the red line on the map goes around it tut tut tut!

Plus ther are NO legolas posters, oh there are Aragorns and Gandalfs and hobbits but no Legolas!

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