LEGO The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell 10316


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May 3, 2023
I ummmmed and ahhhhhhed for a long time... I haven't owned a LEGO set in years but I couldn't stop thinking about this one, which I think is stunning. Here tis'!

Anyone else got any LOTR LEGO sets from over the years? Would love to see them, I never collected any from the older run.

My grandsons used to have some LOTR Lego sets when they were younger, but nothing nearly so splendid as the one pictured.

Years ago, before my grandsons were born, I used to take over my children's Legos—which were much simpler in those days, basically the original bricks and a very few of the fancier pieces which they were beginning to make—and build castles all day. It was ... addictive.

And since I love LOTR, I would absolutely adore to have something like the set up above, but knowing how much even the simpler sets cost, I can well imagine that such a thing would be far, far out of my reach.
I'm a member of the Lego VIP club so used all my points to get vouchers, plus cashback from a cashback site, to get a really good deal on this set when it first came out (so got the two freebie sets with it too, the house and the Gollum/Frodo pair). It's a joint Christmas present for my husband and myself so we've not built it yet, but it looks amazing.

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