Lord of the Rings Merchandise


what wood be the worst bit of merchandise to come out? A LOTR toliet brush! wot u think?
Lord of the Rings Boromir Brand bog roll?

ooooh LOTR umbrellas!
I have a LotR Kite. Has Frodo, Aragron, Gimli, and LEGOLAS!

What I really, really, want is the One Ring. THERE IS A PLACE THAT MAKES IT! I saw it. I saw 2 versions: a solid gold (not sure what karat) for $300, and a gold plated version for like $200. It has the elvish script laser engraved, and it looks VERY good.

This link only has the solid gold version. I saw the plated one in a magazine from the same company. Well try and get more infro from buddy tomorrow at work.
you could just get a gold ring and have it inscribed at a jewellers...wouldn't be so expensive:p

Do you reckon they'll make lunchboxes in LOTR characters? hope not thats really tacky.
Can't say that I've seen them around. Not tacky. Everyone else does it so why not LOTR.

annette :D
thats just why - everyone else does it. Too much of a lunchy thing is baaaaad! *remembers embarrasing lunchbox i used to own*

So what else...Wouldn't mind a Legolas ring binder cos then I got an excuse to stare at him all day in skule!
LOL any excuse to drool over Legolas. LOL :lol:

annette :p
well obviously!:rolleyes: Would LOVE a Legolas bedspread *drool* hehe!

frodo one! i keep piccies of him in my pocket @ skool n e way. :D i know, how obsessed is that? :rolleyes: :eek: :D
not at all Jess I have Legolas on the inside of my folder.

But have a pic of someone else in my purse tho...:)

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