robin hobb

  1. biodroid

    Assassin's Apprentice

    I am not sure if there is a thread about this book, but anyway here goes. I started reading this book and I must say I am quite enjoying Fitz's character and the style of Hobb's writing. I have one query though, from reviews a lot of people mention that there isn't much of a story/plot but more...
  2. spider from mars

    Megan Lindholm

    Anyone read any of Hobb's Megan Lindholm books? Any good? Love Hobb, but not sure if I'm into the tone of the Lindholm books.
  3. L

    Inside the Skill Pillars? *Spoilers*

    =============SPOILERS=============== Hi there, I've just finished reading the 6 Farseer books about Fitz, i found this forum because i was searching for an answer that doesn't seem to get explained. Namely the two occasions when Fitz gets lost in travelling through skill pillars. Once...
  4. Ais

    'I have never felt less of a man...'

    *Spoilers for Fool's Fate* After Fitz brings the Fool back to life, there's a strange passage. It says "I held him while he wept, and I held him after his weeping was done. I let him take whatever comfort he could in the warmth and strength of my body. I have never fet less of a man that I...
  5. Koopa

    (Mis)hap Starling

    This has been in my mind for years, but no one else seem to have ever mentioned it so i'm going ahead and ask: Does anyone think Mishap may actually be Starling own kid. Reasons: 1) Starling was raped by a forged one and got pregnant by it. 2) Apparantly Starling seemed incapable of of having...
  6. Selaryn

    Robin Hobb or Braden Sanderson?

    Hello, I am looking for a fantasy to read, but I cannot choose between these two authors because I've never read anything from them and I don't know their styles at all. I am actually looking for a high fantasy, with magic, dragons, etc, with complex and interesting characters, without so...
  7. Reiver

    The Inheritance

    I'm working my way through this book at the moment and wondered what everyone thought. I like how her two pen names are more obviously different in style when you see them together in one book! Not sure about the cover of the UK edition though :confused:
  8. L

    fan of Fitz

    I have just finished reading tawny man series and am a big fan of fitz,i want to see him recognized as important man in kingdom,not living in obscurity,can we have another series where he gets the recognition he deserves?
  9. ratsy

    New Hobb Book

    So it looks like Hobb has a new one coming out called The Inheritance due out in the UK in March i think. I for one am excited to see the conclusion of the Rain Wild Chronicles. Should be a good one.
  10. Elstor

    How depressing is Fitz?

    I read the Farseer and Tawny Man Trilogies years ago. I've just about finished re-reading them and while still loving all the books I've come to the realisation that Fitz is one of the most depressing, negative and pessimistic heroes of any book I've read. Thomas Covenant might be up there with...
  11. P

    When Burrich finds out about Fitz.....(SPOILERS!)

    I'm 200 pages into Fool's Errand and I'd like to know in which book, this one, Golden Fool or Fool's Fate it finally happens? And if it's in the beginning, the middle or towards the end of that book? You need not be more specific about answering the question, and I am most thankfull for any...
  12. P

    Books Similar to Farseer/Tawny Man Series?

    I was wondering if anyone knew of any other books that are similar to Robin Hobb's series. One of the things that I liked the best was the political intrigue/espionage aspect and how there was always a pressing need to unravel the motivations behind various actions. I jumped to these series...
  13. A

    you think the dragons will get healed

    do you? i have this weird idea that a either a skilled or witted six duchies citizen would be waiting there ready to use their powrs. very idealogical and unrealistic. might happenb though...
  14. T

    hello dragon keeper spoilers (what happened, robin hobb??)

    Re: The Dragon Keeper Have any of you read this? What happened to Robin Hobb? In her other series, any dislike I had for her characters extended only to a set limit because her characters were written to be self-destructive (Althea running away the first night, Fitz in general, Nevare all the...
  15. S

    Who was that!?

    Ok, don't actually tell me who. But I need to know if you actually find out. Spoilers: In chapter 23 of Fool's Errand, somone saves Fitz from letting himself go into the Skill. Do you find out who that is? It's honestly hurting me not knowing.
  16. Walker

    The Fool

    Just started reading robin hobbs books, started farseer trilogy, assasins apprentice, and I dont know if i missed something but was there a mention of who or what the fool is? you know the person? that is king shrewds man? Seems to me like he was just mentioned and u dnt get much background on...
  17. N

    Questions for a book club

    As it was my choice to pick a book I had to go for Assassin's Aprrentice, as Robin Hobb is my favourite author. Does anyone have any ideas for questions that I can bring up? Thanks
  18. D

    Fitz keeps on being a softy in the Tawny Man Trilogy? (SPOILERS!)

    I bought the Tawny Man trilogy after I really enjoyed the Farseer trilogy. I started to get a bit annoyed with all the suffering of Fitz and just got to the point (Fool's Errand spoilers!) that Fitz didn't even kill or torture the archer that shot Laurel. (Spoiler end) Will he continue being...
  19. A

    After the Farseer trilogy and fitz(spoilers)

    I understand I have to read The liveship traders and then tawny man... does any of them carry on with fitz?? I just finished Farseer trilogy and it made me so sad how he never got anything really with all of he has done, please tell me this isn't the case and I find out more?! It didn't feel...
  20. G

    Dragon Haven

    I have just pre-ordered book 2 of the Rain Wild chronicles from Amazon. But it is looking like a March 2010 release. Does anybody have a better idea of the release date?:)