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  1. S

    Just finished reading Farseer sextology - it can't be finished can it?

    there is too much that still needs tying up. i loved it utterly and thoroughly havne't enjoyed a fantasy series as much as this for a long long time. WEll writtten Robin Margaret Hobb Lindholm ***********THIS IS FULL OF SPOILERS ************* WARTNING WARNING SPOILERS BELOW but it can't...
  2. Conan

    The Fool

    Why does everyone love the fool so much? I think hes a good character but nowhere near as good as some others like Chade or Nighteyes.
  3. d1cq

    orandula -there might be spoilers!-

    Hi there! First of all ..i'm new to this forum and i registered specifically to view your thoughts about the next question.. I just finished reading the last book of the soldiers son trilogy and i left the story a bit puzzled about what eventually satisfied orandula. I thought i knew what is was...
  4. S

    Demonstration of Changing Self in Farseer Trilogy/Tawny man Trilogy

    Hey, i have an english assignment task based upon any type of "Changing Self" demonstrative texts. Since i absolutely love these books series i chose to base it on these 2 series. I was wondering if anyone had any information/quotes and also examples of how "Changing Self" is presented in the...
  5. R


    Fitz's "boy" that Starling brings him. I swear there was a kid named Mishap, nicknamed Happ, somewhere else in the book, but I can't remember where. Ring a bell?
  6. R

    Soldier Son: Shaman's Crossing

    I just finished the Farseer Trilogy, and I saw this at the book store and picked it up. The cover caught my eye, and I DO judge books by the cover ;) The reviews for it on Amazon aren't that great though, apparently it's repetitive? Has anyone read this book?
  7. Aien

    How to play Stones

    I dunno if anyone elses given this much thought, but I've been trying to figure out how to play Stones, the game Kettle gives Fitz in AQ. It seems fairly similar to Go, a game with just two types of pieces, black and white, one for each player, yet I can't figure out the goal of the game. Alot...
  8. Conan

    Vixen (Possible Spoiler Warning)

    Was Burrich Wit-bonded to Vixen?
  9. E

    royal assassin (spoilers...but not really)

    let me first start off by saying that i'm new to this site and looking forward to posting more. I read book one. I enjoyed it. About 2/3s of the way through royal assassin and i must admit that i find it unbelievably disappointing. I've debated with myself over the last 30 pages whether or...
  10. E

    Re-reading the Farseer trilogy...

    After finishing the Tawny man books I went onto the Soldier son trilogy. Unfortunatly they havent released the last book in paperback (dammit). I have read many books since finishing the Hobbs, but have recently started reading the Farseer ones again. It really is worth reading them again...
  11. K

    Fitz and Molly

    crap-load of spoilers... Fitz truly is an amazing character, I also love Molly to death. Not just because of who she is, but more because of what she was to Fitz. Fitz is probably my favorite character in all fiction. and the funny thing is that i hate him as much as i love him. i...
  12. Shingetsu

    Thoughts(Farseer Spoilers)

    I liked The Farseer Trilogy... atleast I think I did since I read them all until I finished. I don't know if I say I hate it after finishing it now, or it just bothers the hell out of me. The three books seemed to be nothing but sorrow and tragedy for Fitz. And I thought "Oh, well that's usually...
  13. Aniri

    I'm on Fool's Fate...and....

    I don't want it to end! *waaaaah* Sorry...had to let that out:(:o
  14. C

    Liveship Traders

    Hi folks, I am sure it is in the 2nd book but if anyone knows better, feel free to correct me. In one of the books Ronica Vestrit is remembering one of Keffrias births. The child born was supposed to be something grotesque and was growling and screaming or something. Effron Vestrit had to...
  15. Fahim

    Assassin's Apprentice

    Is it just me or does Robin Hobb telegraph some of the "secrets" in the story way before Fitz figures them out? I finished reading Assassin's Apprentice a few days ago and while I enjoy her style immensely, I can't help but go "Arrgh!" every time Fitz puzzles over something because I could see...
  16. sam250

    New Member! *Possible Story Spoliers*

    Hey people, i went through the Forum Rules and there didn't seem to be any rule against these sorts of threads, so here it is! I know that this would probally be suited to The Lounge forum, but this post will be mostly about Robin Hobbs works, so I thought that i may as well post it here. Sorry...
  17. Aniri


    I'm half way through Assasin's Quest, and I've grown quite weary of Fitz drinking his elfbark tea after he is done Skilling. Kettle, upon seeing Fitz with elfbark, reprimanded him and suggested that he stop using it--does he? Will he?? I know, I know...keep reading:rolleyes: That stuff can't...
  18. greylin

    Renegade's Magic - possible spoilers

    Well, since nobody's talking about it, I'll ask ... what did people out there think of Renegade's Magic? I can't believe I'm the only person who has read it. :) Without giving spoilers, it was certainly less depressing than Forest Mage and all credit is due to Robin Hobb's fertile imagination...
  19. S

    I read the series out of order... Have some questions! *SPOILERS*

    Hi all, I first picked up Assassin's Aprentice in the library on a random offchance, and was immediately entranced... I sped through the Farseer trilogy and absolutely adored it. Then I looked online for the reading order of the rest of Robin Hobb's works, and saw that the Liveship Traders...
  20. L


    i've only just finished reading all three trilogies (farseer, liveship and the tawny man) by Robin Hobb. and i have got to say they're amazingly brilliant. iv gotten all my friends and brother reading it! so just out of curiosity how did you all find out about the books??? i just picked...