robin hobb

  1. Walker

    The Fool

    Just started reading robin hobbs books, started farseer trilogy, assasins apprentice, and I dont know if i missed something but was there a mention of who or what the fool is? you know the person? that is king shrewds man? Seems to me like he was just mentioned and u dnt get much background on...
  2. N

    Questions for a book club

    As it was my choice to pick a book I had to go for Assassin's Aprrentice, as Robin Hobb is my favourite author. Does anyone have any ideas for questions that I can bring up? Thanks
  3. D

    Fitz keeps on being a softy in the Tawny Man Trilogy? (SPOILERS!)

    I bought the Tawny Man trilogy after I really enjoyed the Farseer trilogy. I started to get a bit annoyed with all the suffering of Fitz and just got to the point (Fool's Errand spoilers!) that Fitz didn't even kill or torture the archer that shot Laurel. (Spoiler end) Will he continue being...
  4. A

    After the Farseer trilogy and fitz(spoilers)

    I understand I have to read The liveship traders and then tawny man... does any of them carry on with fitz?? I just finished Farseer trilogy and it made me so sad how he never got anything really with all of he has done, please tell me this isn't the case and I find out more?! It didn't feel...
  5. G

    Dragon Haven

    I have just pre-ordered book 2 of the Rain Wild chronicles from Amazon. But it is looking like a March 2010 release. Does anybody have a better idea of the release date?:)
  6. Walker

    Where do I start?

    Hey guys, I think I am going to start reading Robin Hobb, thing is I have no clue which book I start with. My dad has read them all and raves about them, and what entices me is that there are so many and it wont end for a good while hehe. Can anyone list me the books in order? or even just...
  7. mushroomyakuza

    What do YOU want from Robin Hobb?

    When I first started reading Hobb, I was enthralled. The first three trilogies were fantastic, but I found myself sort of bemused by Soldier Son, and while I enjoyed Dragon Keeper, it wasn't what I wanted from Hobb. I recently met Robin herself and asked her if she'd ever consider doing a...
  8. Karn Maeshalanadae

    Soldier Son Trilogy....

    I just bought these three books a few hours ago, so.... Any pointers on what they're like? I also got the last three of four of the Song of Ice and Fire series, but that's for another thread in another area.
  9. chongjasmine

    Magic in Soldier son trilogy

    I just finish reading the first book of the soldier son trilogy. I have one question. Why doesn't the magic act on its own in Nevare? The tree woman said the magic will usually act on its own once it claims a person. Yet, in Nevare's case, he doesn't do anything to betray his people and help...
  10. Mouse

    Renegade's Magic

    It seems like I've been reading this for a very long time. Robin Hobb is one of my favourite writers and I love all her other books, even the other two Soldier Son books. But this one? I'm just struggling with! I don't like Soldier's Boy, and Nevare's not much better just floating around doing...
  11. Teir

    Hobb and fanfiction...

    For most hardcore fans of Hobb, her opinions of fan fiction are no secret. Namely, that she does not allow the use of her characters and their worlds to be used in that way, and has, (with the aid of a legal team I'd imagine :p) eradicated all trace of any such writing from the net. Now, many...
  12. B

    cover of Assassin's Apprentice

    I just finished Assassin's Apprentice for the first time reading anything by Robin Hobb. I loved it so much that I bought the entire Farseer trilogy already. but the paperback cover that was on my good doesn't make sense at all. I tried posting a picture with this topic but it doesn't seem to...
  13. T


    I'm from Belgium, so I don't have the English books, and I was wondering how the original names are. I know some things, like FitzChevalry, Verity, Regal,... But how are the other people called? The fool says Fitz a name, something like my love? Anyway, if anyone would be so friendly to say me...
  14. ratsy

    Dragon Keeper

    I see that Dragon Keeper is set for a June 25 release in the UK? and not until Jan 2010 in Canada. I should order it accross the ocean. Here is the blurb from Amazon Return to the world of the Liveships Traders and journey along the Rain Wild River in this standalone adventure from the...
  15. E

    Favourite quotes?

    Hi, what's your favourite quotes from all of the books?
  16. A

    What do I read first?

    Hi, first post. I read soldier sons trilogy a few years ago on a family holiday, when I was 15 or 16 years old which was totally boring so I spent my whole time reading the first book. I was totally drawn into the book, but I still haven't got around to reading the next one, which I heard it a...
  17. C

    Farseer Trilogy

    Hi, I've just finished the Farseer Trilogy. I've come on the web to talk about it, and the first thing I see is that there is another 3 books? Are they in first person as Fitz again? I'd love to read another 3, I felt that the ending was quite weak and thought more should have been...
  18. S

    Dream Cast for Farseer Movie!!

    My boyfriend has just started reading the Farseer Trilogy, and hopes to go on and read all of the Hobb books (as I have). We were having some fun today and came up with what we think is a super cool cast list for the main characters from the Farseer Trilogy... I'd love to hear opinions...
  19. ratsy

    Ship of Magic

    I just have to say that I finally picked up the first book of the Liveship Traders and was blown away by it. I had read the Farseer and Tawny Man books already and the first two Soldier son books. For some reason I had been hesitant to pick up the Liveship books. I guess I have been so...
  20. ratsy

    Favorite Character Poll

    Just wondering which Character of Hobb's is everyone's favorite? (I left out Nighteyes because I knew everyone would pick him)