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Dec 24, 2014
Hey there,

I have recently finished the long awaited book by one of my favorite authors; Robin Hobb. Fool's Assassin is the first installment in the Fitz and the Fool's trilogy.

If you are like me and you absolutely loved the Tawny Man's trilogy then you were also impatiently waiting for this book to come out. I would love to know what you thought about the book and then discuss what will happen in the next ones.

For those of you who have not yet read the book, stop reading now, some SPOILERS follow.


What do you guys think about the Bee? and did you also find the plot of the book a bit obvious? Don't get me wrong, I love Robin Hobb, but I do have to say this book fell a bit short of my expectations. Can't wait for the next one though.
I really liked the book, especially the interaction between Fitz and Bee. I'm hoping the search and hopefully rescue for Bee won't take a full book or even 2 books though. Cause like i said, what i liked best about the book are the interaction between Bee and Fitz.
Fool's quest is out btw. Slow paced as ever, but always a good read, almost because it is so slow paced
Big fan - loved it.

I'm about 1/5th the way through Fool's Quest and it's good - very good!
Just finished Fool's Quest - and as I do with iBooks - totally lost track of how far into the book I was. Turned the page and BOOM! THE END!

Nooooooooooooo.... need the next one - need it NOW!
I adoread The Farseer trilogy and I was sad when I had to say good-by to Fitz and his wolf, Nighteyes a long time ago. Nevertheless, when I found by chance on Amazon and bought both *Fool's assassin* and *Fool's quest* a few months ago, I was a bit skeptical and ready to read them just for the sake of the lecture and the author. Usually when an author keeps writing on the same subject, you get bored and feel like it was to much. Robin Hobb did a great job and it was like I had just read about the marriage of Fitz and Molly and never said good-by to them. I already placed my order for *Assasin's fate* and my only regret is that I have to wait until May 2017 to read it.
Only 2 weeks and 3 days left until I can get my hands on my copy of Assassin's Fate. I tried to win a giveaways offer, but Robin Hobb made it only for US fans. *sigh*
I received the last volume last night and I'm caught in the story. It has more pages than previous one (847) and I had the surprise to receive a hardcover one. Honestly, I do not remember if I had this choice when I placed the order.

Anyone else, read or start reading it yet ?
I had to say good bye and this time for the last time to Fitz and Nighteyes very late last night. :cry:

I'm sad, but on the other hand, it was the best way to go. I cannot say more as I don't want to spoil the thread, but I'm waiting for you to read it, too.

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