Rain wild chronicles (spoilers)


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Feb 3, 2014
I just finished the Rain wilds an one question is on my mind...

When Sedric went to Kelsingra for the second time (book 4), it is said that in Kelsingra he was eagerly awaiting the news from birds from Treehaug (or Cassarick?). This is not entirely clear to me, because I imagine that the birds carry mail so that they always fly back home. That is to say, you could take one with you somewhere, release it and it flies back home. So Sedric could send a message back to Treehaug (supposing he took the bird from Treehaug), but how can he wait for a message from Treehaug if they didn't cultivate birds at Kelsingra? Hobb is great an I enjoyed her opus immensely, but this seems to me like a logical logical lapsein the story?

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