robin hobb

  1. Ian Fortytwo

    Which Robin Hobb should I read first?

    I am hopefully going to read Robin Hobb, however which book is the best to start with. Is there a particular order. Thank you.
  2. therapist

    Warning about kindle version of Assassin's Apprentice

    I recently bought and read the book on kindle. At the the time of reading I was unaware that the book contains a large preview of the second book in the series. I always keep track on the % of the book I have read. So I got a very unwelcome shock when at 80% through, the book just ended. I was...
  3. Overread

    Assassin's Apprentice (and others) Illustrated Editions

    So I've clearly been out of the loop for a while as it seems last year and earlier they've started printing and selling Illustrated editions of the series! Which prompted me to start doing a hunt to find out how many illustrations and what kinds and all other such details. Though information is...
  4. E

    Let your voice be heard in the upcoming Fitz and the Fool coloring book!

    On Robin Hobb's Facebook page , she's allowing her fans to have input in her next project. Let your voice be heard, please read her Facebook post below: Robin Hobb I hit post too soon! I hate it when I do that! So, to continue the additional information. I would very much like to know what...
  5. E

    Did you get your free Robin Hobb Fitz and the Fool poster?

    If you haven't yet, please check out Robin Hobb's Facebook for instructions. Get it fast while it lasts :)
  6. The Big Peat

    The Limbreth Gate by Megan Lindholm

    This is an odd book. I read it without reading the first two books in the series, or anything else by the author under her Megan Lindholm name. I knew of her talent as Robin Hobb of course, and that the switch of pen names was partially driven by a decision to relaunch her career with a more...
  7. Samaulle

    Stones Busted

    I always think of Stones, it is my economic action. I know it is played with the skill, and that needs to be taken into account - with the way the game is played. I know that Black stones are the highest count, red are the middle, and white the least - so we can assume it is three, two, one, in...
  8. althea

    Assassin's Fate

    I am about half way through this book. I am really enjoying it. I'm trying to read it slowly and savour every word,but as usual,I'm galloping through it because I need to know what happens. Fitz is my favourite hero of all,even though now and then I could give him a slap. Reading this book is...
  9. Alexa

    The Farseer Trilogy trivia

    Now that I'm really sure I can read more about Fitz and Fool's adventures in May. I would like to remember their story since the beginning in The Farseer Trilogy. As there are several volumes, the purpose of this thread is restricted as the title indicates, to The Farseer Trilogy. We can always...
  10. Werthead

    The Realm of the Elderlings by Robin Hobb

    The Farseer Trilogy #1: Assassin's Apprentice
  11. FeedMeTV

    Fool's Quest - spoilers!

    I've just finished reading Fool's Quest, the second in the Fitz and the Fool trilogy. Please be aware of spoilers if you haven't finished reading... I have really enjoyed coming back to Fitz' story and learning more about Bee. Fool's Quest is carried along in quite a leisurely pace but, as...
  12. althea

    The Windsingers series

    As you probably all know,Robin Hobb has written books under the name,Megan Lindholm. I thought I had read them all,but found, to my delight that I hadn't read The Windsingers series. There are four books,of which I have now read two. Much as I really admire and enjoy Robin's(Megan's) writing,I...
  13. Mister_Oy

    The Inheritance

    Ok, The Inheritance - a mix of short stories from both Megan Lindholme and Robin Hobb - as we know, the same person. The "Megan" stories are ok. Not great but ok. But then there's "Homecoming" set in the Rain Wilds. If you enjoyed the Rain Wilds Chronicles then this one is a must - very good...
  14. atala

    Fool's Assassin. Robin Hobb New Book

    Hey there, I have recently finished the long awaited book by one of my favorite authors; Robin Hobb. Fool's Assassin is the first installment in the Fitz and the Fool's trilogy. If you are like me and you absolutely loved the Tawny Man's trilogy then you were also impatiently waiting for...
  15. jessatt


    Does anyone love Burrich as much as I do? lol He's an old curmudgeon (especially concerning the Wit) but you can really tell how much he loved Fitz. I get the Fitz feels a little betrayed by Burrich going off and making babies with Molly but I kind of feel like Fitz is a little ungrateful for...
  16. jessatt

    Question about Fitz and his role as the catalyst.

    Hi, I'm new to the Robin Hobb's work and am just finishing off Assassin's Quest. The one thing I can't figure out about the story is why Fitz is the catalyst. Surely it can't be just because he's a ******* because if that was the defining aspect of a catalyst (a ******* in the Farseer blood...
  17. Taisha

    Favorite trilogy?

    My ranking (of what I've read): 1.Rain wild chronicles 2.Liveship traders 3.Tawny man 4.Farseer trilogy ...(more to come)
  18. Brian G Turner

    New Liveship Traders covers

    The US covers for the Liveship Traders series have been updated, with art provided by Didier Graffet (who was featured at last year's Worldcon): The Liveships Venture Out with Fresh Sails « Robin Hobb Hat tip to New covers for Robin Hobb's Liveship Traders trilogy
  19. Perpetual Man

    The Wilful Princess and the Piebald Prince by Robin Hobb

    This is not a long book, in fact novella probably bet suits it. Returning to Hobbs Five Duchies home of such characters as Fitz and the fool, it takes the reader to the past. There is mention in the main novels - The Assassin novels and Fool books of a legend about the ruling Farseer family, of...
  20. Taisha

    Rain wild chronicles (spoilers)

    Hi, I just finished the Rain wilds an one question is on my mind... When Sedric went to Kelsingra for the second time (book 4), it is said that in Kelsingra he was eagerly awaiting the news from birds from Treehaug (or Cassarick?). This is not entirely clear to me, because I imagine that the...