crystal skull, nemesis, brief candle.... whateva epissodes where last night :)

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We're not scary.
The Aussie contigent is the friendliest group at this site.
we're the most talkative group, that's for sure :)
Originally posted by JAD
sort of like pringles :)

I thought the same thing when I read the two posts before your last one! "Once you pop, you just can't stop!" ( More Aliens!!!!)

I love the Pringles commercial where it's a dance/party and the music is going when suddenly everyone stops because the pringles can is emty. And It all starts up again after someone opens a new can of pringles! It's a pretty cool comercial.
Originally posted by Cat
we're the most talkative group, that's for sure :)

for sure, in tha last month we have double our whole posts,

pringles are expensice but really tasty especially when you get 4 (no more no less) and CRUNCH them all at once, yummm
that is so true, take all the threads in this section, they all have gone 100% off topic :)
and they've become chatty. should all be over in chit chat, i suppose. but that's the problem when the Devil :evil: (aka channel 7) takes the show off the tele - can't talk about it much :(
i can't even remember what this thread was about. i don't think it was really about anything :clown:
we havnt had one of these threads started in a while.
damn channel seven
The Channel 7 Executives should all be captured and handed over to the Goa'uld so they can be tortured by an Askrak or something.
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