crystal skull, nemesis, brief candle.... whateva epissodes where last night :)

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hehe, i have smirk everytime i see your sig.
and admit it, you do want to live in australia.
Sig Hee-hee!

Yeah I love my sig! at first It made me kind of dizzy with all the jumpy guys But I got used to it.
And once I found the wink and blow yous kisses smiley I knew I had to have it in my sig.

You say I should live in Austrailia convince me already!
its the greatest country in the world. its safe, got good people, food, wildlife, beautiful scenery. you just wanna live here admit it.
hmm... jad hasnt posted since yesterday, I woulda thought he would of tried to beat me :)
not fair, i tried to dial up last night and appatrently ozemail was having problems across the country, so i couldnt get on the net, plus i am banned from the computers at school, so it looks like your gonna win :mad:
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