crystal skull, nemesis, brief candle.... whateva epissodes where last night :)

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and aswering the question: we should plan an assault on the entire network. muahahahahahahahahhahahaahahahahaaha

and i did think tio myself the other day, where the #### is farhbot
oh, and by the way, im not going to participate in another smailies war ;)

:rolly2: :blpaw: :coolyello :disturbed :gaptooth: :reyes: :ticking:
the smilies are so cute though.

Someone should go over to TalkFarscape and look for Farhbot. We need a search party to drag his ass back here. He at least used to visit us, but it's been ages since we've heard from him.
Actually, now that i think about it, he may just be really busy with Uni.
Originally posted by JAD
and aswering the question: we should plan an assault on the entire network. muahahahahahahahahhahahaahahahahaaha

"Let us bomb their cities from high above."
or maybe just sydney cos it's a hole.

sorry for the triple post guys. me bad. :blush:
triple posts are good, especially to build up your posts ;) geez i missed talking/posting with you shelby
your nearly at 500 D)
I missed talking with you too, JAD. ;)

I am slowly making my way towards 500. Cat is way out there though on 770.
I'm starting to acept that I will always be last!
:D hehehehe
by any time soon both of yas will be past me, on the account i dont post that much... [marty inserts some shitty witty come in here]
you wont be last all the time shelbs, ya just gotta keep on posting
yeah it's easy.... just think 'stargate'.....

soo ya will be past me!!!!!!....

thanks for the vote of confindence marty. hehehe.
i anit that stupid. i doubt if anyone will ever beat you. except maybe padders or mythinglink. they are the only two people i've seen above you.

Hey JAD, you're right. I have more posts than raptor. so that means i'm not last!
As I write this I am on 490. I'm getting closer.

Hey Cat,
Do you know when we are supposed to start writing quiz questions for 3 and 4 on SG-Command?
i've started on S3. just haven't uploaded yet. allan said ages ago that he had some americans or poms who might be doing S4 because of us not having seen them all but you've been downloading from GQ so that's okay. I've got transcripts/synopses of S4 eps so we could do S4 between us i think. Might be best to ask allan. I've told him that I've started on S3 - do you want to start on the second half of S3 and I'll do the first half? it'll probably be awhile before the training gets to S3 as it gets stuck every now and then as it is presently on prisoners, I think.
I've hardly seen any of s3. So I don't know. I might start writing some synopsis for s2 because there are none up.
Sounds good.

Did you know we're all going to be breaking up into factions and alliances soon?

My son, Jim, who's a Jaffa, was approached to join an alliance (actually, it was from a goa'uld-type who came on heavy in a goa'uld-like way about joining the alliance or suffering the consequences).

Allan says it's all legit and i suppose it will come into its own when the battle stuff is up.
i haven't been to that site for ages, but i was once leading the RHITOU!!!!
an invisible martouf !!!

or should I say, schwatta?
Schwatta is a cool name!
I heard about that alliance thing from my friend who was also approached, and if a Jaffa. They think that there is going to be a huge alliance when the battles start. Some people are taking the game WAY too seriously.
aren't they just!!!

and given some of the scores for naquadah and experience, some of those people must be on there all the time! It's rather astonishing. Allan's last system message was a bit of a shocker. it's appalling what some people are doing to a bloody good site, which i think is good fun if you do it how it is supposed to be done.
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