crystal skull, nemesis, brief candle.... whateva epissodes where last night :)

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Aug 27, 2000
i can't remember what eps where last night apart from teh ones i watched-

skull- great! nick has the coolest accent! i thought that the shot of sg-1 running over teh small bridge in the pyramid was done bad :(

nemesis- GREAT!!! had friends come up and say "what a wicked episode, what happens in the second half of it" :)
I got The Nox and Brief Candle on Prime although Cystal Skull and Nemesis were advertised in the press.

Interestingly, the promo that aired a couple of hours before the show showed Apophis striding all over the place so I had an idea that we wouldn't be seeing Nick and the metal spiders.

I've had my say on both episdoes in their threads in Season One. Suffice to say I was looking forward to Brief Candle (because of the focus on Jack) but was severely disappointed wiht the quality of the show as a whole - see my rant in the season one thread.
i went out last night, but i got bakc in time to watch the last 10 minutes of nemesis, and then the nox on gwn. western australia only had 1 episode, then they had a sport special. i cant beleive that seven melbourne are leaving their viewers on such a cliffhanger for the next 40 weeks :mad: (that is the lenght of the ratings season)
so it was ur first time you ahve seen candle? i am new to that eppy too, quite liked it (mind you there are very few eppys i don't like :))

i did not see the bobw promo at the end as JAd suggested!

i was dissappointed to see no credits at the end of skull, it was just an instant change in the episodes!
i was just tellin you what i was told by bobw. it was probably only for 7 stations.
no i havnt got it or seen it. tas didnt have sg1 last night, we had a double ep of nypd blue
anyuone seen the bobw promo?
so we have to wait 40 weeks? why the hell do they do that seasons ratings? is it to get poeple to watch other shows?
so they can charge the advertisers/companys big $$$ for advertising in the highest rating programs makes sense.
sighs. the number 1 rating program (most popular) is friends so channel 9 can say to a company like kmart that this show attraacts an audience of 500, 000 people so we will charge you $xx, xxx a 30 second time slot during the ad break. that is why we have ad breaks
yeah.... but what do add breaks have to do with taking NEW stargate eps off?
when a program doesnt rate very well, some people dont want to advertise when its on, so the network pull the plug and find something that will rate well, that means more money for them. that what the game is about, MONEY.
so no one wants to advertise in the breaks when new episodes on stargate are on?
no, they dont get a very good price. not as much money as they would for a show like all saints or something.
so they can make more money out of the 8:30 Thursday timeslot?
thats where channel 7 are dumb asses. how do they think they will get more money out of 'heartbeat' than stargate.
Lots of soppy people who love soapy rubbish probably buy lots of whatever rubbish they advertise - probably ads for "No Idea" magazine and Woman's Day.
too right or maybe even some loreal ads or something.
but in Tasmania Stargate is always sponsored (at the start of the show they say : "this program is brought to you by chickenfeed etc.")
do they really make more money out of stargate? or where you just being sarcastic?

stargate rates as a 'family show', i think, it's go humour and action...... my parents both like watching it, and will always ask me for the tape if they miss one :)
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