crystal skull, nemesis, brief candle.... whateva epissodes where last night :)

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it's SHWATTA!!! not schwatta..... it's a cool nickname, everyone calls me it!!

and i don't think i'm on invisible mode, unless someone is hacking into my account?
Originally posted by Cat
aren't they just!!!

and given some of the scores for naquadah and experience, some of those people must be on there all the time! It's rather astonishing. Allan's last system message was a bit of a shocker. it's appalling what some people are doing to a bloody good site, which i think is good fun if you do it how it is supposed to be done.

I know, some people have over 2 million naqadah. they must never get off. Gee, they should get a life. You'd have to be on for at least 8 hours a day to get that high. Probably more.

I know Allan's system message was a shocker, but very deserving I think. I sent him a comms message telling him that I support his stance 100% and that we appreciate all the time and effort he puts into the site. I must be so hard with 900 users on there. I also asked him when he is going to come visit us over here. He's very busy but he sent everyone here a big HI.

Sorry Marty, that was a typo, i'm just used to typeing those letters cos of my last name.
one of the problem people actually boasted that he was on there for 16 hours a day - in his desire to be number one on the site. Good Heavens!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I'm obsessive but I'm absolutely indifferent compared to some people. Talk about pathetic! Anyway, he's gone now and hopefully, we can put it all behind us and enjoy the place.
'sch' is also the first 3 letters of my last name!!

can you guess what is it?
Calm down Shwatta, calm down
*deep breath*

i knew it was schwarz cos that's what i wrote on the envelope.
Originally posted by Martouf
NO 't'!!!!!!

ARG!!! it's SCHWARZ!!!!!

:angryfire :angryfire

calm down old boy, theres no need to get nasty :) :rolly2: :p
dead thread!!

so JAD what have you been upto lately??? say have you visited Gaters latelty??

I have !!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

marty, what was your username over at gaters? hmmmm?
uhhmmm..... ya know? this and that.....

so uhmmm.... cat are you going to bobw 13?
PS note the not-so-subtle shift of topic attempted there by martouf. Hmmm, not so subtle :p :p :p :p
yeah? so?

in the words of a redheaded pollie...

"please explain"
Originally posted by Martouf
dead thread!!

so JAD what have you been upto lately??? say have you visited Gaters latelty??


*cough* *cough* *splutter*
..............maybe! what about you ;)
I've just been doing a bit of research............

What have you two been up to? I've read the diatribe. I can't believe you identified yourselves! I did a search on your names and there you were. Interestingly, they've deleted your posts.

Interestingly, I'm no longer registered there, either.
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