4.06: Window Of Opportunity

daniel and sam!!!!
owww come on!!
sam and teal'c look so much bettter together!!!
and as for jack:since you don't want any difficulties (to put your head out of your ass), just go back to your laira and to your farmer's life, grow vegetables and milk the cows!!
Xpose #14

As promised padders. ;)

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Window of Opportunity
The Plot: On a mission to another planet, O'Neill and Teal'c's
exploration of a strange device causes them to be sent back in time.
Whether they continue to visit the planet or not, they are forced to
relive the same day and must find a way to break the loop.

Best Dialogue:
(O'Neill and Teal'c are playing golf through the Stargate. Teal'c
hits a mighty shot through the event horizon.)
O'Neill: Oh yeah. That'll play. How far is Elarus anyway?
Teal'c: Several billion miles, O'Neill.
O'Neill: That's gotta be a record.
(Jack steps up to take a swing)
Hammond: Colonel O'Neill, what the hell are you doing?
O'Neill: In the middle of my backswing????!!!

Why It's So Great:
Need you ask? You've all seen Groundhog Day or one of its many
fantasy show rip-offs by now, surely? Stargate SG-1 is essentially a
serious show, and although it contains some funny moments, there's
never been a straight comedy episode until now. Richard Dean Anderson
is allowed free rein for his dry wit in the earlier scenes, and
Christopher Judge once more communicates so much with a small twitch
of the eyebrow or near-smile. The moment when we find out where he
materializes each time the day starts is priceless. But it's when
Daniel suggest that the pair can do anything they want that things
really kick off. Learning all manner of new crafts, O'Neill and
Teal'c cut loose, playing golf through the Stargate to Hammond's
distress and riding cycles around the complex. The only scripted part
was 'that' kiss, with the rest added in to boost the show's running
time. How lucky we were.

by Paul Spragg

Thanks MythingLink, loved the post and picture!
If all those little stunts were adlibbed, I'll be they had a great time coming up with them. I wonder if they got to chose the costumes as well? :D

RDA picked out that shirt in the kiss scene from Casualwear a friend is making. Guess CJ could talk him into the golfing outfits~ they we outrageous and ugly and really overthetop.. they made me laugh. Traditional golfing outfits include the tam and kilts!
RDA really has a creative side. Do you think they will do more with it... both as an aside in the show or perhaps a scene?
Apparantly RDA adlibbed the whole drawing the face on the plate thing! It was a funny ep, and I think that the latin book O'Neill was reading was the one printed by Mallozzi! :D
christopher judge is an avid golfer and has reportedly been teaching rda how to play. i think he came up with the idea for putting through the gate...though those clothes......
CJ's didn't look too bad, but RDA's over the top! GUYS PLEASE wear nice clothes when you golf... Tiger has nice clothes, Arnie has nice clothes, Jack Nicholas has nice clothes... please guys! HINT!
No surprise re: who was teaching whom to play golf! Teal'c was way under par. Jack sliced. Badly.

And I agree about the clothes. Dressing like a leprechaun is really not necessary. Even during your backswing.

This is really one of my alltime favorite epys!
I loved this whole episode....it makes me laugh everytime I watch it. I think RDA wearing those golfing clothes was classic.....yes they were REALLY bad, but it wouldn't have been funny if he was wearing ordinary slacks and shirt. Me personally loved the outfit he was wearing when he kissed Sam....

Carkedit :dead:
I really love this one!!!!!!
It was funny that every loop
began with Jack eating fruit loops!!

:star: :rolly2: :twirl:
Easiest the funniest episode they've ever done. Total hoot.

Jack: Oh yeah? What kind of archeologist carries a gun?
Daniel: Uh, I do.
Jack: Bad example.
how many times does jack do 'bad example' in this one...i can think of at least 2...the one with danny & the gun and then 'is this the face of a crazy man' with teal'c...any more?
Bad Example

I believe he said it 3 times.
Once talking about Teal'C
Twice with Danny.
the first time with Dan
is when they were sitting at the meeting
table talking about briffings.
and the second was about the gun.

:) Shortea

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