4.06: Window Of Opportunity

I do seem to recall that when Osiris and Isis misbehaved, someone put them in sealed jars for life . . . ya bad snakes, you!
Hehe.. i also just watched this.

Oh this is my #1 ep, it was hysterical. It is not often i actually laugh out load to stargate but certainly did here. Teal'c facial expressions throughout !! especially the thermometer were brilliant.

Oh so so so funny... the golf.. hehe wonder which one of the writers thought of that.

Oh brilliant ep, i loved it..

not much more to say!
And what about when Jack did a homer when, i think, the gate didn't open, "D'oh."
hehe.. and "i am taking this ___ off" can't remember what he called it but funny...
HEHEHEHEHEHE! I love this ep! There are plenty of good fanfics about this (Helio agin I fink) 'The Naked Colonel Was Bare Or Feeling Loopy' is one. Soz, all I ever do is tell you my fave fan fic, but I'm obsessed!
Skydiver,who is a moderator on the fan fic forum, will appreciate the plug! Yes, it is hilarious! Loved Teal'c revenge in that one!

On Heliopolis, author Denise.

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Jack finally got his kiss, Teal'c finally got his revenge, and the sound of Hammond's voice when he interrupted O'Neill's backswing was priceless!!!
The whole juggling sequences in Daniel's office is fantastic. The expressions on Jack and Teal'c's faces when one juggles then the other then both. And poor Daniel trying to work while all this is going on! This whole show is wonderful!
Yes, this just has to be the best funny ep ever. I laughed so hard that my mum (who was upstairs) thought i was having a heart attack! Oh, when he keeps letting Danny get whumped.... and 'What is there in my eye that could cause this?" Prob a misquote, but you get the idea...
And who picked out Jack's clothes? Yikes! The only thing worse was his backswing!!!
I think it was the funniest yet. But how long did they spend in the loop? And Jack finally shows that he isn't ignorant of Dnaiels work. Perhaps Jack has found a new field of study.
Well, by the Tok'ra's count, they were in the loop at least three months.
Window of Opportunity

Did they get to sleep (anyone) during the "looping"? Can a body go on for months without sleep? Explanations, anyone?
That is a good questionN Norita. I always wondered about pregnant women and that three and a half months. And the rate of decay for atomic clocks. Apparently every thing except Jack and Teal'c's minds was reset so it was not as if they had relived the previous ten hours.
Jack sure didn't look like he had slept for three months each morning at breakfast and when they were translating in Daniel's office . . .
iwould guess they did like Jacks "day off". No one else would need to as going back in time they never experieced the hours previously so would not be tired because of them.
But your body will! Even if your mind didn't "remember" anything your body would still need to sleep. People go crazy literally when they are kept from sleeping (torturers do that). And we are talking about what? Trillions of people in how many planets (10?). And yes, what about expecting women? 12 months pregnancies?
I though I would burst after carrying my son for nine months and that kid, all eight and one half pounds of him, arrived on his due date! I did not have to endure my friends and family saying well the date has passsed, what happened? When? I have had so many friends in that position of after the due date! For years I told people say a time after as due date is just and educated guess!

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