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May 4, 2005
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Not sure what I make of this season yet. We've got a story in outer space with the search for Fitz.
Then we have the alien invasion on earth led by Sarge, who is either a reincarnation of Coulson with a memory wipe, a clone or someone from an alternate reality.
So, UK airing of this show is 2 weeks behind?

Want to say so much but feel like I'm spoiling it for people. Already watched episode 4 here...

Although, it is on break this week, so gives a chance to at least catch up by 1 week, unless UK also takes a break. :cautious:
Ok, so at the end of 6.01, I had no idea what was going on with Fitz or what he injected himself with or why it might be significant.

6.02 cleared up some of that, obviously.

In terms of Fitz's situation towards the end of 6.02, I don't really understand why he couldn't land the ship on the planet they were heading to. I may need to re-watch the episode to understand it. However, it feels like it's the plot driving the characters rather than the characters driving the plot. The final visual seemed totally plot-contrived.

In terms of the other plot on Earth, I really liked the dimensional portal manipulations within the truck. It was a great idea and had good execution. There were a couple of interesting movements that I totally didn't expect. In this episode the off-world team are definitely ahead of Shield. Shield seems to be highly ineffectual at this point. May looked like she had things in hand at one point, until she didn't.

The episode showed a replay of some other world where Sarge's team were before they came to Earth. That replay seemed to include a horde of bat-like creatures. In 6.01, there seemed to be a small flock of bat-like creatures that came through the portal before Jaco(?) did. (I still haven't quite got all the names of the team down yet.) I'm not convinced the explanation that Shield's co-opted scientist-guy (I can't remember his name either) gave was accurate. In fact, given the other plot contrivances in the two episodes so far, I'm fairly certain that he's wrong, and that there's a confusion of cause and effect. A confusion that Sarge's dialogue actively contributes to. (So Sarge and the team are not causing the dimensional breaches, they just ride through them on the coat-tails of the bat-like creatures - who are, in fact, responsible for the breaches.)
I don't understand how come Fitz is out from his cryo. I thought he was supposed to sleep in the time the others can find a cure for him.

Those portals are mind-blowing. Sarge and his team use them for thier benefit, but maybe they stole the technology like everthing else.
I don't understand how come Fitz is out from his cryo.

Explained at the start of 6.01 - the Chronicom ship Fitz was on was destroyed by forces unknown. Presumably Enoch takes Fitz out of cryo to save his life. How they got off the decimated Chronicom ship and ended up where they do is unknown - presumably to be explained at some point in series 6.

I thought he was supposed to sleep in the time the others can find a cure for him.

I didn't think he was ill. As I remember series 5, Fitz entered cryo-stasis to travel to the future in order to help Jemma and the others. Which he did. But that future no longer exists. However, he doesn't know that. At this point in Fitz's timeline, that's still what he's trying to do. This is Fitz as he was at the beginning of series 5. He still believes that Jemma is lost in the future, and basically he's trying to save her. I don't remember him being ill, although he was affected by the whole "Doctor" thing in the Framework in series 5.
The timelines are all mixed up, wasn't Fitz killed in the last episode of season 5 when they changed the timeline ?
Gemma then came to the conclusion that he was still alive in cryo-status from the previous timeline and made plans to rescue him.

Not dwelling on it to much, because if I do the impossibility of it will otherwise spoil an enjoyable series.
The timelines are all mixed up, wasn't Fitz killed in the last episode of season 5 when they changed the timeline ?

Fitz entered cryo-sleep and slept for however many years (I think it was 97 years, but don't quote me) it took him to get to the future they showed in season 5. Fitz was then de-frosted in that future, he helped to save Jemma and the team. Fitz then went back in time through the monolith with the rest of the team and then died at the end of season 5. The version of Fitz that died was future-Fitz, the Fitz that was awakened in the time of the destroyed Earth. That timeline no longer exists (due to retcon).

However, because of time-travel stuff, when Fitz died, he was simultaneously in stasis on the Chronicom ship. So Fitz exists twice in the same time-period. Frozen-Fitz on the Chronicom ship and future-Fitz on Earth. When future-Fitz died on Earth, Jemma went looking for the Chronicom ship and frozen-Fitz. Theoretically, that was easy, it was orbiting out at Jupiter. Practically, it's turned out more complicated.

Fitz in season 6 is frozen-Fitz. He has not yet made it to the future that was portrayed in season 5. It hasn't happened for him and he hasn't gone through any of the events that happened after he arrived in the future in season 5. He has no knowledge of anything that happened after he was frozen in season 5. So, meeting Deke, marrying Jemma, the whole thing with the Kree. All of that hasn't happened for him - although it has happened for Jemma and she still remembers it.
This version of Fitz looks younger indeed. I hate when they mix the timelines and you cannot follow the story in a logical way. But what the heck ! This is fiction after all.

What do you think about Enoch ? He reminds me of Data from Star Trek.

Thanks Bagpuss for reminding us about Fitz !

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