4.06: Window Of Opportunity

but it is a time loop so their bodies would also not "experience" the time, everything is re set. If, say Hammond cut himself in the middle of the time loop, by the time it started again that cut would not be there. In the same way the cut is "reset" so is the need for sleep. Jack and Teal'c, would however have needed to sleep.
What would happen to our planet and the 15 others in the time loop. How would that effect the seasons and the orbit around our sun?
when they came out of the timeloop they would be in exactly the same place as they started. Earth and the other 15 worlds will thus be forever out of sink with the other planets outside this area. Any metoriete, asteroid, comet etc that was also travveling through this area would also have its course changed for ever.
Oh, knock it off, people. You're making me tired! Let's toss around something like how many times you get to kiss your favorite man, and if you might eventually remember it if you are as smart as Sam.
Jack probably looked tired cos he was listening to Daniel, he doesn't seem like the kinda person who could tolerate much by the way of declensions and other nasty latin stuff, it drives me up the wall too! Hehe!
I watched this episode yesterday at Gamma Quadrant. I've seen only first 11 episodes of S4 and this one is definitely the best S4 episode I've seen.
what can i say, that hasn't already been
said about this epi,it was one of my fav's
i even liked the silly smirk jack had at the
end of the epi, but i think my fav bit was the
juggling, that was priceless....peachy
a *******

ok so i'm sure i'm not the only one who says that : ajck behaves like a complete ant utter ******* with sam
i mean yes i loved the ep but i can swear that if i was sam and that i would eventually remember what jack had done in the damn control room.... oufouf! nothing could be able to save him, not even his stupid grin he wears at the end of this ep!!
the fact that he has feelings for her and that he can do anything he wants doesn't give him the right to go and smack his 2ic without her even remembering it.. even if the whole thing was hilarious..
all that to say that if i was her (and that i actually remembered), i would have kicked his ass so hard that he wouldn't have been able to walk for a month!!

that's it, a real *******.a selfish son of a *****...

"we have caught nothing.. we are fishing"
now that was great!
That whole sexual harrassment issue is not looked at as this is a comedy.... I guess they can explain it away as it's just comedy...but as afriend once said, "physical comedy is based onsomeone getting hurt andour laughing at it!" Thanks for the alternate opinion! Just milder on the language, please, as I am very old. Even though Sam appears to enjoy the kiss... It is taking advantage of her by Jack.
well . . .

taking a chance that there be little spoilers out there . . . I don't think Sam would agree with you. :)
ok ok so i think i've been a little rude with jack..in fact i know that i would have done the same thing if i had had this kind of chance...
he has just chosen the easiest solution, cause he knows there will be no consequences..after all that's the purpose of all this ep..
BUT he still is a little of a *******, or the most accurate word would be a coward, a "i want her but only if it isn't too complicated because after all it's against regs"kinda guy.
all this to say that he could have done (or said) something smarter that grinning like a dirty old pig don't u think?
He resigned to avoid the regs problem, also. Then he kissed her. Cowardly, yes, because she didn't remember. and he smiled. We don't know if THAT relationship will be played until the end of the series but if I were her.... I'd go for someone who could respect me a lot more than that!
that's what i was gonna say!
jack really lacks of respect toward sam,if he was less selfish and mostly less of a coward he would have done something afterwards, he would have said "screw regulation".
the fact that he doesn't do anything(apart from grinning like an idiot) may show that he is still not entirely sure of his feelings for her, he's not ready to take this "relationship thing" further on.
hey but maybe he's just afraid that she would kick his butt for trying!! (i mean that slap in the face he took in small victories, nemesis and mostly the curse= it shows that he isn't the only one who can wind the other off. like he does in a hundred days)

"carter! are you finallly ready to take me up on that fishing trip?"
"actually sir i have a few projects on the go.."
we are assuming here that he would actually want a relationship and that he wastn't just doing it a) because why not no consequences thing b) because he knows he is not meant to and c) because i guess it would be funny.

I am well anti jack v sam, sam would never go for it and i would think he knows it.
I like wise cracking Jack. Yeah, I think he might want a relationship (I am not sure if it is with Sam but) and I think he got really shaken with the problems he had with Sara and doesn't really want to go but the repressed feelings pop up. I think he wants a relationship (I don't know with whom) and unless pushes as he was in 100 days won't do anything about it because of the bad experiences he has had in ops work, he is having now with the Goa'ulds and others, and because of what happened with Sara. (Protecting self and others)
why not?...

yeah he might be afraid to start a relationship because of that "self protecting and others" stuff,and obviously if he's looking for a simple relationship he's not gonna knock on sam's door..
but i think that being afraid isn't a reason to keep on denying feelings and rejecting a relationship (with sam or with someone else) that could give him happiness again (no i don't watch the young and the restless)
hey that's true you can be afraid for some time but when you see an opportunity or when you know that the feeling is reciproc you just go for it....right??? i mean that's what i would do... right huh who am i trying to kid?
if he wants a relationship than he may have to put his head out of his ass... (sorry for the language)
A relationshipwith Sam now would mean that the team would split up and there would be no more Sg-1.. Sigh. Probably Both sam and he would be out of jobs because ofthe regs. What a nice wayto have a relationship. Wreck two careers!
Presonally, I think he doesn't really wants the complications of a relationship or the responsibility of one. And is content tolet be for a while!
yup.. daniel/sam is so much more likely :) hehehe...

now would that be against regulations?

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