4.06: Window Of Opportunity

I think it was scripted but still a great scene. :)

annette :D
Jack probably just wanted to get it out of his system cuz he knew that he couldn't touch her as long as they were still in the same chain of command. Too bad Sam doesn't know.
Daniel mighta guessed tho - from his reaction in the last scene ...
She probably didn't even want to think of that possibility, it would have gotten her hopes up for a repeat performance!!
Plus, sometimes she can be pretty dense, especially with her emotions!
I was watching this ep again today and I found an inconsitency.

In Fire and Water Jack tells us that he is photosensitive and he can't even stand Janet's penlight in his eyes. He flinches when she points it at him. In Window of Opportunity when he is being examined she sticks the light right in his eye several times and it doesn't do anything to him.
Maybe his photosensitivity was only a short term thing after all the stuff that happened to him on the planet, or maybe they treated it and it wasgone by the time all the stuff happened in WOO. . . just a thought.:D
Yeah - From memory - Dr Warner or wotzhisface said that one of the side effects for the memory thingy that mr blue Alien (sorry can't remember name) did to them ............. <shrug> I'm just being my usual concise self ... :p:rolly2: :D :rolly2: :p

absolutely loved this episode, as it seems most people did. I've watched it 4 times in the last month and its just as funny the next time, definently the funniest stargate episode ever (well till the start of season 5 at least). The only bit I wasn't too sure about was the pottery I wouldn't have seen Jack having the patience, but what the heck if that what he wanted to do!

I have some question tho, Were there any other teams offworld besides SG-11 and who else was affected? Were any system lords cut off or any of their fleets cut off?


It's good to be back :D
Yeah, I think mostly everyone liked this eppie. I taped it so I watch it quite often:D
I ahven't got it on tape ... :( yet ;) but I don't think it's that bad an ep, has some funny moments, though some parts are just... Well, I think it could've been done better.
There was a great fan fic post about a year ago when each person posted an extra loop to add to the epy. It was hilarious! :laugh2:
Originally posted by Texane
There was a great fan fic post about a year ago when each person posted an extra loop to add to the epy. It was hilarious! :laugh2:
Were they a Sam/JAck shipper?

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