robin hobb

  1. D

    Live Ship Traders

    I found these books excellent! They're huge but I spend 2 solid weeks reading them and finished them all! The only annoying thing was he didn't tell us who the bead woman, forget her name~, really was...apart from that, good! I just finished a short story of his also, set before the series, when...
  2. rune

    Megan Lindholm - works

    How many have read Hobb's books under her other published name :)
  3. rune

    Soldier Son - New Series

    I dont know much about this new series and wondered if anyone else had any info :) When is the book out?
  4. rune

    Bibliography - Robin Hobb

    This author has written under another name so I've included those books too :) As Megan Lindholm The Ki and Vandien Quartet Harpy's Flight (1983) The Windsingers (1984) The Limbreth Gate (1984) Luck of the Wheels (1989) Tillu and Kerlew The Reindeer People (1988) Wolf's Brother...
  5. dwndrgn

    Robin Hobb's Assassin and Ethics

    For those of you who have read Hobb's Farseer Trilogy, you know that the main character is a trained assassin. Throughout the work (and the associated other books) Fitz contemplates the ethics of using an assassin's 'arts' to aid a Kingdom and his family. Does this thinking make him a better...