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Did you get your free Robin Hobb Fitz and the Fool poster?

Ernst Dabel

Well-Known Member
Sep 16, 2003
If you haven't yet, please check out Robin Hobb's Facebook for instructions. Get it fast while it lasts :)


All Hail Skaven!
Aug 22, 2007
Hunting in the woods
Robin Hobb

Scroll down a bit and you can see the details and a preview of the poster - copied details and image below

Dabel Brothers
"We’ve had a some fans asking to buy the poster from us. Please let them know if they like our facebook page and send us a private Message, we will give them access to a downloadable file for 11x17 and 18x24. They can take either or both files to Walmart, kinkos or staples and have it printed
. Thanks."
So you want to go here
Dabel Brothers Publishing