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Feb 8, 2023
Hi, I've been trying to remember a book I read a lifetime ago.

Some kind of immortal man travels to the past, storing knowledge and artefacts for someone to find in the present.

I'd guess it was published pre 70s. Somehow a man figured out how to live an extremely long life barring accidents or murder. He and someone in the present picked a likely spot for a cache.
I don't think it was a long story.
I really can't remember anything else.

Thanks in Advance
This sounded similar to a previous post in this forum so I searched for "immortal" and came up with

Several suggested books in that thread but not all are pre-1970

Anton York, Immortal, Binder
The Immortals, Gunn
This Immortal, Zelazny

Are from pre-1970.

The Boat of a Million Years, Anderson - 1989

The last reply in that thread links to a goodreads list of more book on the topic of immortality.

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