in search for an old scifi pocket book

Gerard Rorik

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Jul 27, 2022
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Gerard Rorik, in south of the Netherlands, retired sailor.
I am in search for a scifi pocket book and lost the author and title, but have some clues I hope:
A man (Crene?) travels space with his girl, and by coincidence landed on a kind of astroid, that started to talk to him.
His girl suddenly vanished there and he, angry, went back to earth. He saw on the news that a huge mass of astroids was coming together
in outer space, forming a planet. Scientists and governments in panic, sending rockets with atomic bombs, wich did no harm.
Than the government gave that new planet a name: Crenon. Later Crene went to that planet, wich was like a paradise. End good all good:
Looking around he heard footsteps behind him: There his lost girl came running towards him.
That is in short the feature of this pocket book. Of course I appreciate very much your help, with friendly greetings: Gerard,
Try Rogue in Space by Frederic Brown. Pub. 1957. Edited from the Wiki plot summary: "A sentient asteroid arrives in the solar system after countless aeons of wandering. There, it has its first-ever encounter with other living beings: humans. A man is killed, along with the wife of another man. The living asteroid forms itself into a beautiful, new world, blocking all subsequent efforts to harm or even investigate it. Eventually, though, the being allows some humans to land in this new Eden. One man stays, and the alien resurrects the dead woman to be his mate.


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