in search for an old scifi pocket book

Gerard Rorik

New Member
Jul 27, 2022
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Gerard Rorik, in south of the Netherlands, retired sailor.
I am in search for a scifi pocket book and lost the author and title, but have some clues I hope:
A man (Crene?) travels space with his girl, and by coincidence landed on a kind of astroid, that started to talk to him.
His girl suddenly vanished there and he, angry, went back to earth. He saw on the news that a huge mass of astroids was coming together
in outer space, forming a planet. Scientists and governments in panic, sending rockets with atomic bombs, wich did no harm.
Than the government gave that new planet a name: Crenon. Later Crene went to that planet, wich was like a paradise. End good all good:
Looking around he heard footsteps behind him: There his lost girl came running towards him.
That is in short the feature of this pocket book. Of course I appreciate very much your help, with friendly greetings: Gerard,