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Aug 30, 2022
This is probably a series of book, not just one.
It feels like its from bronze age when people live in small groups and do trades between villages, and have strongs believes in Gods and myths. There are Gods living behind a river where people are forbidden to go - i would say gods are kinda elfs with higher knowledge of crafts and also magic - kinda like weaving world energy.
Story starts with dad and son trying to find a new place to live and they decided to go behind the forbidden river and they meet with God and his servant. It doesnt go well - father is killed by the god and while the son is fighting the god the servants steps in and helps him. Then the son and the servant are now on the run - because its a big crime to kill god.. and ofcourse soon there is raid of gods trying to find them and punish them.
There is also story line of one of the villages where the leader is killed and the wife who is left after him needs to step down and left other guys take over - son and servant will eventualy get into this village. Another important person in this village is wild girl who grew up in forest together with old lady and wolfs - she can sace the world magic too.
Another story line is about the Gods and their city - they have king who has young son who is tutored by a lady magiciant - there are also different factions and each family have different believes . I think the king son and the lady eventualy go with groups of soldiers to investigate the "god killers" rumors and they meet together.

Please does anyone know the name of this book?

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