Book Search Requests - PLEASE READ FIRST

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Danny McG

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Sep 9, 2016
Cumbria UK
We welcome requests for stories' names and authors to but to help us with your query please try to provide as much information as possible:

## Questions must have as much detail as possible, including:

  • Media (short story collection, magazine, novel, website)
  • Original year of publication/airing, or at least when you have read/seen this work of fiction. "Read when I was a child" is not as useful as "Read when I was a child (early 1980s)"
  • Major themes
  • Plot (as much as you can remember)
  • Setting
  • Characters (names, descriptions)
  • The language you read or heard the story in
  • Details about the cover, if applicable
  • Target audience/age group
  • Ideas that you have already ruled out (for example, if you know the story was not written by Asimov, then tell us so that we can save time) ##
If you don't know the publication date, was it a hardback or a paperback? Was it in library? It may have been old when you read it.

If you don't know the title or the author, do you remember anything at all about the name i.e. "I think the title had a Tiger in it." Everything you remember helps.
While we're here, try to put as much information in the title to the thread as is reasonable. 'Looking for a book I once read' or similar doesn't help to find the thread later. I've done a fair number of these, even got some of them right, but the feeling 'yes, I've read that, but who was it?' can take a considerable time to filter through my brain - by which time the thread has become one of many. Recognition information in the title simplifies this considerably.
If you can identify a Book being searched for and you name it, please give the title/author and, if you wish, a link.

Please don't just say "here you are" and post a link.

There's more than one in this forum where people have done just that and, years down the line, the link is no longer valid, leaving the query unanswered again.

Our members work extremely hard to endeavour to find the books posted. If they don't remember themselves they may consult sources and indexes, doing an unbelievable amount of legwork. So, if the book is eventually correctly found, please post again saying so (your thanks would be appreciated too) and then the thread title will be updated with (Found) so that others can stop looking for it.


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