General book search/sifting query: How to filter by length


Aug 17, 2020
Not sure if this is entirely appropriate here as not looking for a specific book, but rather information on resources to search for books in a specific (strangely elusive) way. That is, does anyone know of a db/site where you can search for books within a genre, and sort/filter them by the categories of either word count/pages or to show only books in series or extended universes?

I'd have assumed it was common as it's the first criteria I use when looking for new works, as I just have a strong preference for long content. Frustrating as the page/word count and series tags are common, just not useable to explicitly search for or sort by.
There are some search resources listed on this thread

Not sure any of them are a specific to your needs, though
Well, I appreciate the response, though I did search through all of those listed resources and couldn't find anything similar. The isfdb might have that functionality, as it definitely has the proper tags, but couldn't puzzle out any method of actually using them as searches or filters.

It's just strange to me that whenever I pose this to people they react like I'm some sort of monster demonstrating deranged or perverted tastes. It seems to me it's just similar to a preference for long format shows (like hbo series) vs movies.
But then:
Here's an interesting blog.

library of congress
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Hmm, interesting! I shall dive into the stuff posted by tinkerdan when I have more energy, but the smashwords filter is indeed helpful and much obliged for that. Though somewhat saddening in it's arbitrarily limiting it to those four choices, as if I recall correctly 100k words is about your average 300-350 page novel. So while it eliminates extra short, it's not exactly extra long.

Perfect example of what I was talking about though with the meta info being there on almost all these sites, just not having it filterable sadly.