DISCUSSION THREAD -- MARCH 2022 -- 75 Word Writing Challenge

@Daysman .... Stomping Grounds .... Daysman tells a tale whose truth might well end in a sigh.

@StilLearning .... Notes in the marchin' .... Sometimes the band hits notes that you do not want to explore too closely.
@mosaix .... Project Meeting(s) at Temporal Research Labs Inc. .... Mosaix reminds us that time marches on, waits for no one, or ..... ?
MatthewKusza marches to a chilling prediction of the ultimate in conflict.

Starbeast marches to a tongue-in-cheek tall tale.

worldofmutes marches to a philosophical account of the meaning of life.

DF17 marches to an allegory of group think.
@MatthewKusza .... Psychological Warfare .... M.K. remembers the glorious day when the march became optional.

@Starbeast .... Tales at the End of the Bar ....
S.B. lets March travel to the beat of a different drummer.

@worldofmutes .... 3/22/22 .... The wisdom of March 22/22 tells us how to handle the important stuff.

@DF17 .... The March of Progress .... DF17 poses the possibility that the march of progress might be something else indeed.
To my surprise I am in. My muse has been absent a lot lately and then out of nowhere I had the kernel of an idea. Likely it is a bit obscure and the reference to the theme maybe a tad indirect but if anyone is interested to know what is going on, I will be happy to share when voting is done and dusted (to stay within the rules).

Blown the dust off the keyboard (and my brain-box) to get back in the mix this month.

Been an age, but forgot how good it is to fire up the noggin' and have a wee go at these writing challenges
I'm in. I had an idea for an opening line early in the month, seeing the blackthorn blossom, and thinking about the white flowers falling on a grave. But I couldn't get the story to gel, too many others had the same idea of marching off to war or similar, and I thought we were probably all depressed enough without me adding to it. So, after pondering for a brief moment a Little Women in space story** I went for something in honour of @HareBrain.

** the March sisters, in case anyone doesn't get it.
Wow, many thanks @Christine Wheelwright for the vote. My first time sharing poetry, not my favourite way of telling a story but your support is greatly, splendidly appreciated :giggle:.

Thanks too for the shortlist, @worldofmutes

For my shortlist...
  • Mad As by The Judge
  • Project Meeting(s) at Temporal Research Labs Inc. by mosaix
  • Why is a Raven Like a Writing Desk by Victoria Silverwolf
But my vote is for Quincember 34th: Spring Equinox by @Peter V . Whatever this world away from Earth is you created, they seem to be enjoying it. Glad they bought some traditions with them.

I also had a colleague wish me a Happy Vernal Equinox recently, so something to vaguely relate to.

Vernal Equinox? Does he play for Spurs?

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