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Oct 13, 2008
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March Hare here! Hop(p)ing for much merry madness in these entries. Or, you know, entirely serious stuff.

The theme, given by last month's winner Paranoid Marvin, is Second Chance and the genre is science-fiction/fantasy. The thread for entries is here.

Discuss away! (As the misspelling Greek athlete said.)
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@THX1138 .... A Song Among the Stars .... A story of love and war and you get it all in 75 words.
Not my best, but I don't think I can improve it, so there we are, CC
Thanks, nixie! Honestly, I'm just not sure it's a story (I wished for many more words). :)
@Cat's Cradle .... Emergency Procedure .... A story of political business as usual that left me shaking my head no while mentally thinking "of course."

*Cat, if this is your idea of "Not my best" you have a high threshold to meet. I thought it was a story and a fine one at that.
Thank you, @Parson - that's very kind, and very nice to read. I think I just felt that I had so much more interesting (to me) detail I wanted to put in the story, but that I had to cut because of word count. But very happy you thought the entry succeeded, merci, CC
I think we need to keep a close eye on HareBrian this month, it being the mad month of march.

Other than that I'm just hanging out and sharping pitchforks and waiting for an idea to arrive, with no luck so far.
@Yozh .... Life will find a way .... A story which reminded me that size and strength are not exactly the same thing.

@Guttersnipe .... The Thing About Misery .... A story which had me thinking about wishes and reality.

@paranoid marvin .... The Final Level .... A story which shows that being gifted here doesn't mean gifted there.
@Troyzan787 ..... Continue? .... A twisty story which reminds me of one of the classis SF stories of all time.
@Ashleyne ,,,, TOXIC MOTH .... A story which kept surprising me. (Especially when I misread the second to the last word.)
@AnRoinnUltra .... The long boring death of Zob Conungle and the Pudawacker .... A story which made me consider the intersection of expectations and cluelessness.

@Luiglin .... Empty .... A story which made me consider what really constituted an epic quest.

@Far Stranger .... In The Sanitorium Garden .... A story which made me wonder about the point at which integration into normality stops and becomes something less than what is desired.
@Snicklefritz .... Burning Vengeance .... A story which makes me doubt that vengeance is a dish best served cold.

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