DISCUSSION THREAD -- MARCH 2022 -- 75 Word Writing Challenge

@Bowler1 .... Beware The Ides of March ,,,, Bowler1 imagines a future where Caesar is exactly what is claimed for him.
I can honestly say that I am really enjoying reading the entries so far. Already at least four I can say are definitely going to get my vote. Clearly I need help (or bribery).

I would like to say @ Luiglin that your entry is probably my favourite of all the Dark Lord appearances to date. It made me smile and I really appreciate that injection of dark humour, thank you.

As for me, I am bereft of inspiration at the moment and on the few spare moments I have been able to sit and stare at a blank screen, I cannot escape thoughts of something political and cutting along the lines of booted feet driven to march over children. I think though that there is enough coverage of distressing world events and I need this place to escape - if only for a few minutes.

Keep up the good works peeps!

Save your money everyone and invest in pitchforks which never wear out and unlike a one off bribe, can last a lifetime.

All said with a poker straight face....
@Luiglin .... Just put the right left foot in front of the other, surely? .... A story that reminds us that Murphy's law even applies to the Dark Lord.
I think our reviewers have been ready and primed for almost a week now, with no action. This enforced rest can't last forever.

That Parson has ruined my post - do I pitchfork or RAY GUN Parson???

But clearly only when voting starts, as I like having reviews.
Oh bother!

Both the emu and I have plaiarised the same song - and he got there first, so it looks as if I copied.

What's the odds against that when the theme is 'march'?
Ahh, chrispy, I can only apologise for swanning in like that! Great minds though, right? And two wildly different uses of the same base.
Or we get a mob together, and with a toss of a coin (hard luck Lenny, but the Great Crispy never loses) chase down the loser.

Bowler1 waits, shifting eargly from foot to foot.
@Lenny .... Leonard Battalion Reporting .... Lenny waxes lyrical about a pied piper who does a cadence that is undeniable.
--- Long time no see! Welcome back Lenny!!

@BT Jones .... March .... BTJ reminds us that the cruelest month has a heart of gold beneath that cold frozen exterior.

@chrispenycate .... The Outer Marches .... C.P. versifies about how different home feels after fighting a war.
@farntfar .... New Earth tales The Prologue .... Farntfar points us toward a traditional march of remembrance.

@JS Wiig .... Beware the Hands that March .... JSW packs a lifetime of philosophy and insight into 75 words.
@johnnyjet .... March of the AI Shoes .... J.J. writes a purely fantastical story, with an ending that makes you both groan and consider a deeper truth.

@Hugh .... That which comes from within... .... Hugh writes a story of self actualization.
farntfar marches to a imaginative combination of tradition and the future.

JS Wiig marches to a poetic consideration of human existence.

johnnyjet marches to a wry look at technology out of control.

Hugh marches to a profound fable about freedom.

Dan Jones marches to a grim account of ritual.

Bren G marches to an intriguing look at a remarkable transformation.

Mark_Harbinger marches to a satiric tale of commercialization.
@Bren G .... All Things End in Time? .... Bren tells a tale that sounds like a beautiful love tale and a fantasy ending. But is it really?

@Mark_Harbinger .... PROSTHETIC .... Mark's story helps us to remember that it's how everything works out at the end which is important.
Thanks for the interesting comments!

Post #2 still towers, in my opinion.
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