DISCUSSION THREAD March 2020 75-Word Challenge

I just have to be glad that TE did not put the word "romance" in either the theme or the genre. I'd probably be shouting if she had...

Only thing is...it's not open yet. :eek:
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What do you mean, Karn? I have looked and the thread does not appear to be locked. There is no "lock" icon.
It was up last I saw, which was just a few minutes ago. Might have looked at the wrong thread, though.

Indeed I did misconstrue, it was the February one. *blush* My bad there.

Now to think of an entry...I suppose I could go with Cylari again, but she's not been very lucky in the challenges...perhaps if I try Tooninoot...
@AMB .... Chrysalis .... Amb points us to a truth sometimes forgotten. Transformation can be as threatening as it usually is promising.
@BT Jones .... Planet Sol #3 .... BT tells us a tale with a true moral: "Time and opportunity wait for no one."
Oh, so tempted by this Challenge! If I can just keep my work life from consuming me/assimilating me into the collective, and my family stop trying to keel over, I may just find some time, and enter.
It's proving more difficult to come up with something than I initially thought...but I will be entering this month, I am certain.
Yes, I do. And I know what it's like, the steep slope out of the mire of depression that we have to climb. Every day is a struggle. So if you feel later this month that your mind is blank when you try to think of a story, you won't get any false cheer from me, I assure you. But for now, the Challenge has only been up for two days.
Must avoid the clichés... unless I welcome them with open arms and dive into cliché hell.

Tempting. So, very tempting. Is it worth a mwhuhahahahaha? I think so.