DISCUSSION THREAD -- MARCH 2022 -- 75 Word Writing Challenge

@reiver33 Nice curve ball you have thrown at us. And Speculative Fiction genre is much appreciated.

I'm strapping on my gas-powered thinking helmet and grabbing my over-sized butterfly net. I'm going Muse Hunting. Hmm...I'd better take my shotgun. The Muse may not cooperate quietly. Perhaps my cattle prod too. BZZZZZT! (thud)
Thanks so much, Peter V - I appreciate the kind words.

alexvss added to the quality of the start, good story! :)
@Cat's Cradle .... Double Time .... A story which is really fills out a wonderful pun. Double time, indeed!

@alexvss .... The March of the Evil .... A story which almost shows the light bulb going off as someone thinks a new thought.
My initial reaction was to grab a pitchfork and have a low slung holster for my ray gun and go in search of River33, but being well dressed and prepared aside, I had second thoughts as an idea took shape. Well done River33, have a free pitchfork.
AnRoinnUlta marches to a biting spoof of dictatorial pretentions.

paranoid marvin marches to a sly look at promotional marketing.

Iwroteathing marches to a wistfully sad and beautiful poem.

Ashleyne marches to the darkest possible side of creativity.

BigJ marches to an ironic melding of past and future.

Christine Wheelwright marches to a cautionary tale of intimate relationships.
Great to see so many entries so early in the month. I thought I was going to struggle with coming up with an entry this month, but here I am already.
@Iwroteathing .... Closer to March .... IWAT presents us with a poem of equal parts beauty and sadness.

@Ashleyne .... The March of The Punished .... Ashleyne gives us a very dark story of crime and punishment.

@BigJ .... Beware the Ides .... BJ reminds us of the huge difference one word makes.

@Christine Wheelwright .... The Waste Land Revisited .... C.W. slips us a dark story where relationships give us insight into a truth about months in the northern hemisphere.

@Guttersnipe .... Only a Wee Bit o' Luck Will Do .... A story which leaves us wondering if the luck was actually good luck or bad.

@Astro Pen .... Shop till you drop .... A.P. points us to the world of unintended consequences.

*Let's see, so far we've averaged 3 stories a day, at that rate 69. If that happens I'm going to have to start charging for the time I spend doing this. :p
With a coy smile, Bowler1 strolls on to the stage, with a low slung RAY GUN and holster - no pitchforks tonight, it's back to pre-Covid-19 weapons of choice.

Ahem... I've posted my March entry and well done River33, it was on the money for me.

With a final wink, Bowler1 exits stage right.
*Let's see, so far we've averaged 3 stories a day, at that rate 69. If that happens I'm going to have to start charging for the time I spend doing this. :p
You're right - for our record 75 entries (April 2012, ten year aniversary next month) where Karn and hopewrites doing the commentaries, Perp didn't even attempt it and I can't see either of them redoing the atteempt :giggle:

When I attempted the same I didn't even finish the first week - fortunate I didn't even start posting them, no?

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