New Alien film will be a prequel

Alien is a great movie. It's one of the quintessential science fiction trillers...

...but who's Carl Rinsch?
I'll watch it on DVD --- if its on offer.
After AVP1 I have no illusions that and more remakes/prequals/sequals or any such other will be any good :(

Aliens died with Aliens 4 and even that was stretching things a bit far!
I'll bite. I'm quite interested in this. I couldn't comment on how good or bad it'll be, but i'd definately go to see it. I hope it's more in the horror vein of alien though.
What is there to prequel? Some giant non-humans battling a queen (since there was presumably one at some point to lay that huge cavern-full of eggs)? Or some other species doing the killing? Effectively, IMO, any "prequel" would just be a reimagining of the first film. Unless they start making things up - "it's actually a company science project that's got out of hand..."
I suspect a space company project gone south could very well be a starting point - esp after the company already appeard in the AVP films :(
though chances are its an interstella war between two alien races - maybe preds but probably not- and right in the middle walks some US space guys who manage to save the day and down the big alien ship.......
"it's actually a company science project that's got out of hand..."
If you write that screenplay with the Weyland-Yutani Corporation led by Charles Bishop Weyland or a descendant, and if you got a better director, I'd go see it. But I thought AvsP2 was getting blood out of a stone and only watched it on a sale-priced DVD. I'd need to know about the other aliens though - what we used to call the 'jockey alien' who was sitting on the derelict spacecraft above the eggs on LV426.
Presumably it will not be the mysterious dead chair grown species from Alien fighting aliens. Without humans it would be hard to watch. However, it's perhaps implied by the standing orders on the Nostromo that some knowledge of contact with a dangerous species exists. Perhaps a deep space exploation vessel encountered them and sent only a garbled message before been wiped out.

Who knows... the Alien franchise is (to me) like a pop group I used to love, you keep buying the CDs in the hope they can recapture that brilliant past... sad really.
Eh,a prequel? But surely the first movie presente the first contact with the Aliens! Retro is very in at the moment thanks to the success of Star Trek. What next,Becoming Predator?
Surely if they are doing a prequal it needs to be set before AVP, since that is the first encounter between humans and aliens. Indeed, AVP is a prequal of the original Alien film. So it would have to be a prequal of a prequal.

Come on Hollywood, get some new ideas. You've become as bad as the BBC and their fifth remake of Triffids.
I used to feel the same way about sequels, prequels and remakes. I've written posts here about Hollywood having no new ideas... etc. But, I got to thinking that it is no different today than it ever was. Just take a look at the number of Frankenstein films, or Dracula, or Sherlock Holmes, or the Wolfman, or the Mummy, or Tarzan.

Also, as my children have grown up I see them watching films through different eyes. My wife and children will not watch a film if it is in black and white! So there is an audience out there to watch them. And look at the new JJ Abrams 'Star Trek' film - all kinds of people are going to see that who were never watched 'Star Trek' before.

And look at the theatre - plays are often given new leases of life by a new cast, a modernised set, and a different direction. Renaissances of old plays are commonplace.

So, I'm no longer outright against prequels, sequels and remarks, always providing they have a valid reason for doing so - a reasonable extension of the plot; some twist or turn on the original premise, or a filling out of a back-story that was only hinted at. Or, very much improved special effects that make it able to show something that was previously impossible.

What we don't need is a complete re-hash of exactly the same thing, which would be the equivalent of an amateur 'X-Factor' singer doing some old song yet again.

Mostly, sequels get progressively worse and worse as they go on. I think that only the 'Alien' franchise, the 'Star Trek' franchise and the 'James Bond' franchise have bucked that trend. It would be sad if I had to remove the 'Alien' franchise from that list.
Someone on another forum,a self confessed geek,mentioned that the crew of the Nostromo already had news of the existence of the aliens prior to the mission.
I'll watch it on DVD --- if its on offer.
After AVP1 I have no illusions that and more remakes/prequals/sequals or any such other will be any good :(

Aliens died with Aliens 4 and even that was stretching things a bit far!

Yep. Yep. Oh, and Yep.
There are possibilities for more Alien films, a prequel to Alien would be interesting. They could expand more on the human colonisation of the galaxy. They could send some ship full of new Chrisitians to a new world where they intend to await the coming of their lord and saviour, only to be eaten by aliens. Might be worth watching, only if the Aliens win entirely though. If some person (probably a single woman) does survive and destroy all the Aliens then it fit as well with the original alien.

On the other hand I don't see why they can't have an entire film that chronicles the battle between two alien species. Do we need humans in a film to interest us?
For me it was in part about Ripley (and Giger's art, still have his Necronomicon somewhere, not sure if he is still around).

I hope, as the Scotts are involved, for some disturbing, creative visualizations. I expect a militaristic / corporate shooter where the survivor will be the one with the cute tattoo.

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