New Alien film will be a prequel

visit the aliens homeworld,see their life story

That would be worth a watch, but would the Aliens have much of a home planet?
Aliens don't (as far as I know) have any technology, they don't build houses or farm animals, so on thier home world they would dominate through killing and breeding, but without a constantly refreshed supply of hosts they would soon die out, wouldn't they?
In fact the Aliens would not have been able to get off planet without the help of some other species. Hmmm, there is a good possibility here, they could start by using something less intelligent as a host, but then get picked up by some space faring alien and use them as hosts, and cross the galalxy. Or they could be at war on their home planet with a host(able) species that they never quite wipe out, but when the host(able) species flees the planet they hitch a ride and plague the galaxy.

What is the back story for the Aliens? Anyone know?
I'm not sure there is an official (cannon) back story yet. I suppose they could go one of two routes: evolved or created. If they evolved, they certainly have a home world or home asteroid and I suspect it's not a very nice place to be (even worse than Carthage!). I believe that the Alien hives are tribal in nature (a definite caste system), so that supports the idea that they evolved. Then again, they could have been created by some previous advanced race for some unknown purpose and they simply got out of hand. Or they could have been a final solution.
Weren't they supposed to have been engineered by the Predator species as prey for the ultimate hunt?
Weren't they supposed to have been engineered by the Predator species as prey for the ultimate hunt?

I think that might only be once the AvP arc kicks in. When "Alien" was being written back in the 70s I'm sure they weren't thinking that. My thoughts on the issue would be that there must be a huge volume of food, otherwise they'd burn out. Maybe so many eggs don't get laid naturally by the queen when they're more dominant? I'm just trying to imagine how they'd work as a species in an area "naturally". Or it would work like a huge hive...
The best thing about the first one is that so much was left to imagination, and now they are probably going to hand the answers to us on a plate.

What does an alien look like in a full body shot? We don't find out until the end.

Where do the aliens come from?

Are they a biological weapon?

Who are the dead race that the crew discover at the beginning?

We don't know, and that's the fun.
It needs to be something other than another bug-hunt. That was done in Aliens and there's no need to keep doing it. Truth is, though, if they want to keep the bums on seats it'll be a big stupid rollercoaster, probably involving Vin Diesel. I love Alien, but the sequence is getting increasingly thin. In the absence of original ideas they should just stop. Let it rest in peace.
Hoping for a good one

As usual for me, I do not wish to hear any word or see any preview pretaining to the new ALIEN film until after watching the movie. I confess that I made a huge mistake in viewing a graphic novel of the original film months before it was released....and there were no surprizes for me when I saw it in the theater....argh. However, I'm still a great fan of the first three films.

Since I made that trajic error, I never watch preveiws of a movie that I have an interest in seeing. Because when I saw STAR WARS: The PHANTOM MENACE & HELLBOY (without ever seeing a single trailer for both movies) I was awed by the beauty of both films. So! I will see this new ALIEN flick and hopefully it will be great.
Spoiler -
Look for the link on the bbc from a recent interview with Ridley about the prequel. (I can't post links yet).
Well looks like it will be set before Alien, have about the Aliens being designed, and also explain about what the giant Alien in the chair was.
As he says real nasty I suppose it will be very violent. I'm sure it wont match the earlier films but hopefully they do it well. It has potential but..
I have a tiny (read tiny tiny!) bit more hope if they are going that rout. I think LoTR has really shown that people will watch and do want really long indepth films - provided they are spread out and Hollywood gets to make two films with less hassle and cost and still rake in the profit.

Of course the problem for the audience is that they only have to have one film actually work - POTC (that piratefilm) only had 2 films out of 3 work - but the sucess of the first two meant that the 3rd still got high attendance numbers at the screens.
gonna be so sick. cant wait. Avatar blew me away hopefully this does the same
I'll wait and see - hopefully they capture the ambiance of an Alien film and make something decent of it - even the rather boundary stretching Alien Ressurrection still managed to capture some of the alien power (though lost points on not been "spooky/menacing" enough). After that they have been reduced to mear action films in the AVP line :(

If they fail to capture that ambiance it just becomes another film where they would have been better off not doing a prequal and using a new worldset.
Hopefuuly bringing in Ridley Scott was an acknowledgement that the AvP films weren't good enough and they want something closer to the original Alien.
everyone complains about the Alien vs Predator series. yes the second one was terrible and a waste of $10 in the movie theatre, but the first AvP was a good film!
the first AvP was a good film!
We've discussed this at length in other threads, but briefly - it made no sense to the Alien franchise that Aliens were present in the present day - and making that film prevented a possible Predator III film without mixing the franchises together. What is done is done.

By the way, I was under the impression that it was Ridley Scott's brother-in-law directing this film. His name is only there to give it more credence.

I would really like to know about the 'Space Jockey' alien found on LV426. That is something people have wondered about since the first film was released. But how can the origin of the Aliens now square with what happened in AvP and AvP2? I will make no sense.

Sorry, I think I deserve enough respect from film-makers that they can keep some continuity within the fictional Universes that they themselves have created. If they can't do that, and actually watch the previous films they have produced, they why should I bother to watch them either.

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