Are the Predator and AvP films CANNON to Alien

Jammill Khursheed

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Feb 27, 2012
If they are Prometheus isn't really a 'prequel' but, chronologically, the fifth film in the series.

Just a little point, but I don't know for sure and haven't found out anywhere else.

Personally, I pretend the AvP films don't exist. The xenomorph is a much more classier act than old crab-face, its films are classier too (Alien Ressurection nonwithstanding).
Even amongst those with the actual authority to say for certain, then I expect you would get different answers.

I also thought AvP was a mistake, but it was made and so it is presumably part of the canon. The Predator series has less problems with it than the Alien series. It is foreshadowed by the 'trophy room' revelation in Predators, but if Charles Bishop Weyland was a billionaire industrialist and chairman of the British Weyland Industries corporation, then how come no one spotted that identical copy 'Bishop' was an android in Alien? It would be like having a Bill Gates look-alike called 'Gates' come to work. And that is just for starters....

I'd pretend they are an alternative universe.
Good points Dave, people would have noticed that, but wasn't he technically still alive at the end of Alien3 as well, or was that a clone or another android?

Haven't got round to watching 'Predators' yet,the AvP films poisoned me against that. Is it not set in the future with Space Marines in it though, placing it either around or after the Alien films?

It wasn't really space marines, there were a few military types in there, but I'm not sure if it ever defines exactly what time period the humans are from, I would assume they are from a later period than Arnie or Glover, but I'm not certain.

I think the idea of Cannon has been destroyed by all sorts of recent additions, not just in the Alien or Predator universes, AvP requiem has totally messed with the Alien cannon as they have introduced the alien onto the earth hundreds of years before the humans of prometheus ever bumped into them (if indeed Alien was set 100s of years in the future, is there a date in it?) so I don't think they have any one single cannon for the joined films.
Ridley Scott has gone on record as saying that the AvP films are *****, and should therefore not be considered cannon.

Youtube link here:

Think of them as existing in an alternate universe where everything good is eventualy turned into something awful and you wont go far wrong.:)
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Haven't got round to watching 'Predators' yet.
Sorry, neither have I. That was a mistake. I meant the trophy room scene at the end of Predator2. Actually, I forgot about Predators but it does seem like a reasonably good film. I have no idea how it fits into the chronology of these series though.

Wow, he says they are 5 star? ;)
They must have caught him on a good day!

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