ALIEN NATION 1 film ,1 Season, 5 made for TV movies.+ books.

I agree. Like Firefly, Terra Nova, and a number of other sci-fi shows that came afterward, a victim of Fox.

But the writers got in a good jab back at Fox in one episode/movie where a show a character was watching, airing on a Fox Network, was cancelled mid-episode.
With the current unrest, this would be ideal for a reboot.

I felt Bright was something of a successor to Alien Nation.
I have these all on DVD. I must re-watch. The TV series was able to go into much more depth into the mythology and did a good job of that, but I do like James Caan in the film. This was not really about aliens and due to the underlying political messages I doubt Fox would remake this, at least not in the same way. Yes, i do think both Bright and District 9 are natural successors to Alien Nation.

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