New Alien film will be a prequel

I wonder if the humans in the prequel (assuming there will be some), will be part of a BIG EVIL CORPORATION, because we haven't seen that in hundreds of films before.
A local shop? Yes... that can be very sinister "Are you local?"
We've discussed this at length in other threads, but briefly - it made no sense to the Alien franchise that Aliens were present in the present day - and making that film prevented a possible Predator III film without mixing the franchises together. What is done is done.

By the way, I was under the impression that it was Ridley Scott's brother-in-law directing this film. His name is only there to give it more credence.

I would really like to know about the 'Space Jockey' alien found on LV426. That is something people have wondered about since the first film was released. But how can the origin of the Aliens now square with what happened in AvP and AvP2? I will make no sense.

Sorry, I think I deserve enough respect from film-makers that they can keep some continuity within the fictional Universes that they themselves have created. If they can't do that, and actually watch the previous films they have produced, they why should I bother to watch them either.

This is something I do really hate when you get these prequals - even Starwars failed on this count (driods and tech in the past were vastly superior to the future).
I even hate it when they do the alternate timeline stuff that they tried with Enterprise and now apparently Stargate has a new lease of life with another alternate universe.

I think part of the problem is that the US film industry tends to approach things in a very much - read the blurb - copy the title - copy a few names and catch phrases/events - then the director/writer makes their own thing that not only doesn't tie with the other, but also tends to fail to catch the ambiance of the worldset.
But how can the origin of the Aliens now square with what happened in AvP and AvP2? I will make no sense.
Try to forget the AvP films ever happened when you watch the Alien prequel(s). It is not like the Aliens and Predator were interlinked in the orginal stories.
Starwars failed on this count (driods and tech in the past were vastly superior to the future).

Wasn't this due to the fact that the rebels didn't have the economic might of the once great Empire?
Wasn't this due to the fact that the rebels didn't have the economic might of the once great Empire?

In the original 3 films C3PO was a considerably advanced droid dispite all his sluggish motions and limited motion. However shift up to the prequals and you have the driod armies with very lightweight and light construction battle droids that have vastly superior motive functions.

Even the clone army shows a superior armoured setup - just look at the early walkers they use - more heavily armed and far more mobile (that whole going UP a buildings side - and ATAT could not do that). This is what really dissapointed me - the rebels yes they can take a tech drop, but the imperium should have been at the fore of advance since they had no reason not to be (galatic resouces and control as well as little effective largescale opposition).
But how can the origin of the Aliens now square with what happened in AvP and AvP2? I will make no sense.

Doesn't that depend on the origins of the xenomorph species? If it were a species genetically engineered by the predators, then it would be a bit weird. If, however, it was a "wild" species they found and decided to use for more advanced game, then either a) some escaped, or, b) there would be wild examples outside their control. [E.g. many lions in circuses and zoos, here on Earth, in former years but still some in the wild]
I'm pretty sure in AVP they said that the predators found the aliens, and that they were an ok prey but when mixed with Humans they became the ultimate hunt and a real challenge for the predators. Or something to that effect, which suggested that the Aliens were found by the predators on another planet and brought to earth for the games, not genetically engineered.
There was the question of an Alien using a Predator as a Cocoon being stronger than an Alien using a Human. The Predators brought the Aliens to Earth, because Alien-Humans made better prey. Call that Engineering if you wish. However, they must have first met them elsewhere, and maybe it was with the other alien species pilot that we saw on LV426. That wasn't really my point. A bigger problem is that after the Aliens have run riot on Earth in the present day, it is hard to believe no one but Wayland Industries remembers this in the future? And if Humans are also involved in these new films then the crew of the Nostromo would have known all about Aliens.
Depends - I suspect that they wil take one of two angles:

1) Take the AVP films as canon and go from there - unlikley as they want this to be a prequal to the older series

2) Totally ignor the AVP films and their content - the safer rout I think since the APV films really are little more than action flicks and the story content reflects that aspect.

What I don't get is why we can't have another film after Aliens 4 - we only ever encouner 1 single (crashed) alien ship so there is still a lot of potential for there to be more alien colonies/planets out there. A real oppertunty to expand and explore the alien background since its quite clear that they are far from just mindless hunters.
It would be good to find the aliens in another guise, if the Aliens had used other aliens (very different and non humanoid) as thier host. humans come along and find these strange violent alien things and don't know that they are 'the alien' that they know about until the Aliens use humans as hosts again.
I very much hope they'll go for option 2.

The trouble with the Alien 4 world was that so much time had passed. Suddenly the semi-realistic setting of the first films was gone, and all that was left was a League of Planets thing like a grimier Star Trek. I think that weakens it considerably.
Alien octopii perhaps.

see that would be great, I can see it now.

Intrepid explorers land on a planet and find that there are agressive but prmitive aliens that look like freaky octopii, they capture a few (for sicentific purposes) and begin testing on them, but then one human comes across some eggs which include face huggers and the wonderfully violent cycle of death and fighting beigns all over again.
I agree Ripley clone was too much - now if she had played her own relation it would have been almost just as cheesy but just a bit more belivable (as I recall she did have a family but after her time in Cryo they had moved on a lot from her).
Alien 4 was the start of the move toward a more action fest over scare - the aliens lost their scare in that film, but there was more elaboration of them not just being mindless killers and I liked that we did get to see that side of them (even if the halfhuman/alien birthed one was clearly insane)

though that film will not affect a prequal so its not as much a problem as the AVP films in the prequal story construction. I also hope we get a move back toward scare and story over action and blood (although saying that the first is still the most bloody as far as human blood spilt - no ones beaten that emergance scene yet*)

* though thinking on it the dog emergance in Aliens 2 might have done it (sadly in teh better extended edition which is a far far better film they change it to one of those cow creatures- the dog was far more shocking and we don't even "see" it happen)
I suppose going back to the beginning is better than going forward with an even stranger sequel than the last.
Yeah, Alien: resurrection was on TV last night. I muct admit that i very much enjoyed the first half, but the second was awful. Talk about a movie that's lost it's way.

I'd love to see the movie go in the way of the Aliens graphic novels in the 90's. The thought of the Aliens gatting to Earth is pretty scary.

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