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apparently it is why they're around -
and trust me - it's not the first stupid thing NBC's done -

NBC initially had JAG - and Andrea Parker (Miss Parker on The Pretender) was Harm's partner - well, NBC told DP Bellesario to get rid of her and bring in a 'perky blond' -- so DPB brought in Tracy Needham (she's really good, but not as strong as Mac), then NBC cancelled the show - don't know why b/c it was a popular show ---

well - so, CBS picked it up as a mid-season replacement and brought in Catherine Bell to be Harm's new partner (b/c CBS wanted a Marine the same rank as Harm instead of a junior officer) -- so out w/ Needham and in w/ Bell - (out w/ Meg Austin, in w/ Sarah MacKenzie) -- and the rest is history - CBS has one of the most popular tv shows in primetime and NBC is kicking themselves for dropping it (i'm sure) - tho, NBC still carries all the L&O's -- so it does have THAT going for it ----

end dissertation on network tv line-ups

ok and i thought our tv stations lived to stuff us around....your's beat ours hands down!

:blpaw: :blpaw:
ironically - and i think i read this somewhere - CBS initially had the pilot episode and several others, lined up for Law & Order - and never aired them - so NBC picked 'em up and L&O has been there every since -- at least, i THINK that's the way it went ---

these networks are so stupid ---

however, 'ditching' Andrea Parker left her available as Miss Parker on the Pretender - just think- would MP have been the same and as popular with any other actress?? personally? I don't think anyone else would have done it as well -- Andrea is such a strong actress -----
yes - this is so ---

okay - shall we return to our regularly scheduled programming? (character discussions)

which character should we discuss??

or should we discuss interactions btwn characters?????
have we covered everyone?

are we just doing the staff of the vctf or all main characters?

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this is the everybody thread --

all characters - regular cast, guest stars, recurring guest stars, that kind of thing - anyone who's ever been on the show -- even that one guy who was walking down the street behind Bailey and Sam as they got out of the car to walk to the crime scene (no specific episode, but i'm sure that did happen somewhere) -- anyone ----

all characters --

(the VCTF discussion is under the BMLK thread)
ok have we covered how the characters interact yet?

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(ok i know i left a half finished profile in this thread somewhere...grrrrrrrrrr)
no - we haven't done much character interaction --

except the snippets of what i've said about Bailey and Chloe --

he's GREAT w/ her! it's awesome! and very sweet -- he treats Chloe like a friend, not like his friend's kid -- \
best example: "Power Corrupts" - Bailey goes to see Sam, and Chloe rushes up for him to pick her up and hug her - he can't b/c of his recent surgery, so he kneels down to hug her, then tickles her - and she asks him to come see her fort --- (odd little girl - i don't remember much wanting to build a fort at her age - tents and such, yeah - but not forts - eh - not sure what else she's gonna do, anyway...) Sam tells her to let she and Bailey talk and that he'll see it later --- well, Sam and Bailey talk, then Bailey insists on seeing the fort --- (which we never get to see, btw, guess that bit of interaction wasn't relevent enough for them - argh!)

have i mentioned that this is my favorite episode?? ;)
lol you never built a fort? wow i was alwasy building them :p

anyway back to Chloe, she seems to interact well with everyone from the VCTF which is shown at it's best when they are all staying at the VCTF hq.

Chloe has seem to be "adopted" by everyone member of the team....they seem to enjoy watching out for her and looking after her and even playing with her. But she stays a sweet little girl (well she does until the new actress takes over the role) and doesn't let the attention go to her head.

yeah - i love Caitlyn Wachs - why did they switch actresses? i didn't like the new girl as much -- Caitlyn was much better -

and Chloe does have a great interaction w/ everyone --

but, like i said, i notice the Bailey stuff the most, probably b/c Bailey is shown interacting w/ her the most, aside from Sam and Angel --

is there much in the way of interaction w/ Chloe and Frances??

i think that would be interesting ---
I'm guessing the reason they switched actresses is the typical 'soap opera' reasons......the first actress was good at playing Cloe as a young girl, but they needed some one else to play her as a teenager. They suddenly want her to grow up so they can deal with some new issues with her character, and they probably didn't feel like the first actress was fitting to the new direction the character was taking. That's my guess anyway.
well - that's probably true ---

but - i still hate it when they do that --- really makes the show weird -- and watching the other characters 'pretend' nothing's different is just odd -----

i like Caitlyn Wachs as Chloe - don't like the other girl so much, but i haven't seen her that much --
try watching a soap where they take an 18th month old and in a week make him into a 17 year old....
Originally posted by Highlander II

Does anyone on that show have a happy home life?? Everyone has a broken/dysfuntional family - what is w/ that?? I mean, really, is it probable that everyone who works for the VCTF has no semblance of a normal family life?

John has Frances chasing his butt...

Oh give John and Frances a break. In one episode she drops by his apartment in nothing but a fur coat for fun. That's all the chasing she does. When she later tells Bailey John's been sleeping with her Bailey gets her to admit she was forced to tell the story by Lou Handleman. John's Frances problems are as much manufactured by Handleman as genuine.

Originally posted by Highlander II

...and had a rel'ship w/ Angel, and isn't he commitment-phobic??

His mom left his dad when he was very little. He says he and his mother spent the whole of his childhood on the run from his farther. John believes his father killed his mom, or had her killed. I think he has grounds for being commitment shy. :p I don't think his nonrelationship with Sam or his telling Angel, "I did, I do love you," are examples of him being commitment phobic. I don't think he was in either relationship enough to be scared of them. I do think he was afraid of getting serious with Kate. :( I like to count his dreams about Kate dying as being precognitive in my fanfic, but really agree with Rachel that they were his fear of admitting his feelings to Kate eating at him. :kisses:
Originally posted by {ACA} Spellcaster

Nathan seemed to disappear with the season 2 shakeup.....I kinda liked him actually, and I have no idea what happened to him. Though he did have a wife who had left him when he went to work for VCTF....I know that she gave him an alitmatum, VCTF or me kind of thing.

Nathan disappeared before first season was over. It probably was at least partially do to his being John's partner. Nate's last episode is the one just before the one where John quits the VCTF. I don't know if they meant to bring them both back inside, or if they even meant to bring John back. Just because they did doesn't necessarily mean that was their original intention. *Shrugs.*

Marcus' disappearance is much worse. Nate just gets off the team an episode ahead of John. Marcus is the one that manages to disappear from the inside of a locked down prison between second and third season. :blah:

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