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Jun 6, 2001
Here is where we can meet all the characters -- Bailey, Sam, Rachel, John, Coop -- everyone --

who's your favorite? are you a shipper? which characters do you want to see together? would you prefer none of them got together? what would you have wanted to see the characters do? what do you think they're like at home, away from the office?
ok, i know a lot of people don't like jack, am i the only one who does?
maybe -- i don't like the whole Jack storyline -- it bugged me --

i like Bailey and Chloe -- they interact well together

Bailey interacts really well w/ children -- which you wouldn't guess from his regular character interactions ---- it's a wonderful trait!
other characters ---

George Fraley

John Grant

Coop (sorry, can't remember his name)

Rachel Burke --

here's my thing on Rachel - see, she doesn't bother me, i don't know why ppl don't like her. is it b/c she 'took Sam's place'?? if so, well, she really didn't -- Rachel didn't kick Sam out -- some ppl get really upset w/ the PTB of the show for 'removing' Sam -- if i'm not mistaken, i remember reading somewhere/hearing somewhere that Ally Walker wanted to leave the show, THAT's why Sam left, not b/c NBC/Profiler TPB wanted her to go (can't recall where i read/heard that, if i find it, i'll let ya know) -- either way -- they brought in Rachel - and she really didn't have a chance b/c NBC decided it was gonna dump it's whole Sat nite line-up anyway b/c it wanted to run the XFL (big screw up there - what were they thinking?) -- so both the Pretender and Profiler were axed - giving the writers little time to fully develop Jamie Luner's character ---- so, Rachel kind of got a bad break --
it's not that i didn't like rachel, it's that i didn't like it when they started trying to play on a possible romance between her and bailey. that's when i really felt the writers were overstepping their bounds and actually putting her in sam's role.
okay - haven't seen that part yet ---

currently have to watch Profiler much more slowly than i prefer b/c CBS only airs one ep per week and my cable system doesn't include Court TV -- argh!

i didn't figure there would be much of a romance btwn them esp w/ the x-over ep of tP where she was really into Jarod --- then his 'cameo' appearance where they had cold pizza -- which, btw, wasn't the 1st time Jarod had had pizza - he had pizza in "Jaroldo" ---- stupid writers --
i think it was the first time he'd had it cold. and they don't really push a relationship btw them that strongly, but it's a feeling you get when watching. it's towards the end of their last season. you know, kind of like the feeling you get that eventually miss parker and jarod will get together. or that sam and bailey would get together. that kind of thing.
honestly, i never really got the feeling that Sam and Bailey would get together - i know they really liked each other and were good friends -- and Robert Davi said in a chat that Bailey did love Sam - but i never really saw any more than that --

my opinion is that many times there really isn't anything 'specifically' written into the show that two characters want to get together, it's more those who 'think' they 'should' be together *find* things to support their claim that these two characters should be together -- well, by the same token, one could go to the show and point out all the reasons / things that show they 'shouldn't' be together --

mind you, i'm not saying that shippers are wrong, or that anyone who is anti-shipp is wrong either -- just that sometimes i think ppl try too hard to make apparent what isn't there -- and i'm not saying that there was no evidence of a potential relationship w/ Bailey and Sam -- i just didn't really see it -- but then again - i'm not a huge Sam fan -- sometimes she bothers me ---- something about her attitude and the way she works - don't really know - however, she does have the potential to be quite a wonderful, insightful character --- i just like Bailey and Robert Davi is why i started watching the show - so i focus on him ---
they totally played up to a sam/bailey relationship. they did the typical things writers do-give lots of little hints that there's something btw them so they can eventually make it really obvious. like the time when they were folding up that canvas and end up practically holding hands. even jack knew there was something there, that's why he hated bailey so much. and on the first ep where rachel was there she asked bailey if he wanted to believe sam was alive because he really thought she was, or because he was in love with her.
yeah - i remember that part -- where Rachel asked him that -- (i have seen that ep - tho not much beyond it) -- and i suppose i don't see as much b/c i don't care if they get together or not -- the more you want two characters together, the more stuff you see -- even if the writers put subtle hints in there that something might happen --- if you really want to see it, it'll be there ---

i'm not a big shipper for any series i watch -- never have been - i'm one of those ppl who says - if the writers didn't include it - it's not there -- (as far as relationships go anyway - some of the other stuff you gotta figure out on your own b/c the writers won't tell you) -- and my attitude on this is probably strongly based in the fact that so many ppl are shippers that the internet and other areas are flooded w/ it -- so i stay away from it --- it's just me - all the shippers are free to believe whatever they want -----
Ok hi everyone.....loved the show before sam left but after that I just couldn't get back into it......

With Sam gone the other main characters sort of lost their cohesion for me......

What can I say I loved the originals, Bailey, John, George, Sam and Grace.....they all worked and played so well together :D

I didn't really like the second girl who played Chloe.....she just didn't seem right to me.........

So shoot me :D

:blpaw: :blpaw:
glad to see you made it over here!!!

no - i'm with you on that willow ---- the 2nd actress who played Chloe just wasn't 'right' for the part -- not to mention the fact that one season Chloe was 8 and the next she was 11 -- huh? how did THAT happen? did all the other characters advance 3 years btwn seasons???

and what ever happened to Denzel? the dog? where did he go??
Wasn't Denzel Angel's dog? With Chloe's miraculus aging didn't Angel move out?

Gotta rewatch my Profiler eppies

Yeah I made it :D It took me a while but I made it :)

:blpaw: :blpaw:
Originally posted by Goddess Willow
Wasn't Denzel Angel's dog? With Chloe's miraculus aging didn't Angel move out?

Gotta rewatch my Profiler eppies

Yeah I made it :D It took me a while but I made it :)

:blpaw: :blpaw:

i don't know if Denzel was Angel's dog -- haven't seen the 1st eps -- and yeah - Angel seemed to disappear somewhere in there -- like - about the time Sam bought that big ole house - but i thought they had Denzel then - b/c he would be able to run in the yard --- oh man - gotta see if i have that ep on tape somewhere --
I'm pretty sure that they didn't have denzel with them then

they bought the big ole house becasue of the extra phone lines and the cubby house out the back and because it did'nt have security cams all over the place :)

:blpaw: :blpaw:
hehe --

i kinda liked the firehouse that Bailey set up for them --

no one ever put a playground in the house for me!

btw -- what happened to that playground? the slide and stuff? it's seen in the ep where Bailey gives them the place -- but i don't recall ever seeing it again --- what? does Chloe not like to play??
it was in a few eppy's

It was in the one where Chloe was having a sleep over party cause they built the castle out of it, and I'm sure i've seen Chloe run out from playing on it to meet bailey

I tell you what I'd move into the fire house any day of the week....that place is awesome :D

:blpaw: :blpaw:
i'd live in the firehouse too -- as long as Bailey made regular stops by to check up on the place - make sure all the security stuff was in place -- ya know??? :naughty:
Oh yeah Bailey'd have to pay regular visits as well as John and maybe Jack and Daniel to keep me company.....then I'd never leave the fire station again :evil:

:blpaw: :blpaw:
well - if John insists on stopping by, i wouldn't kick him out --

just send Bailey -- heck - he can come and live at the Firehouse w/ me ---

okay -- more on other characters --

do we ever see Ariana on the show?? poor girl, i've only heard her mentioned about 5 or 6 times - 2 of them by Frances when talking to Sam (i think it was something like 2) -- and all but one of the rest are in conjunction w/ mentioning Frances -- is she just the 'long lost daughter' that we never get to see? we get a whole lot of Frances but nothing on Ariana - 'cept her name ---

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