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Jun 6, 2001
Okay - Profiler -

CourtTV runs Profiler M-F at 2300 EST (I don't know what season is running b/c I don't, currently, get CourtTV, so check listings!)

CBS is currently in the middle/end of season 2, and it runs Sunday at 0005 EST
(unless the news runs over and they insist on airing Seinfeld - stupid show IMO - then they skip Profiler to run an idiotic movie instead)

again - check local listings for dates and times.

and, I apologize for not having international listings, but if I come across any, I'll post 'em, and if anyone finds any - drop them here for all to see!
okay - in the UK - lists Profiler airing on Network 2 around 2300 on sundays -

(i'd say check local listings and such just to be sure!)

and - if i find other listings for other countries - i'll drop 'em here!

Profiler on CourtTV is on Season 4, but will restart on Season 1 on Jan. 17th.
and us poor little aussies have to sit up at ungodly hours just to catch the last season......and then half the time ya forget it :(

hey - those of us in the US w/o the right cable stations - don't get to see it either - 'cept one night a week - at midnight - ugh --

anyone see anything about the show coming out on video or DVD??
Well - CBS here in the US just started airing Profiler again from the beginning two weeks ago -- episode three airs this coming weekend ---

Let's see if I can catch most of them this time -- (which, incidently, is much easier if CBS doesn't alter the timeslot 1000 times)

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