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i think she's just one of those characters the writers throw into conversations every now and then so in case they ever want to shake up the show a little they can bring her on.

I had to stop and think who you were talking about then.....

she seems to be the long lost daughter that hasn't very little to do with her father....wasn't the only reason that we met Francis because of all the trouble she was having/in....her mother couldn't handle her so she shipped her off to dad....

Poor Bailey.......but hey it led to some intersting hospital scenes :p

I'd like to see more of Georges boyfriend Richie......he was cute :D

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no - Frances *was* having a lot of trouble, but her mother didn't ship her off to Bailey - Bailey bailed her out of jail -- and told her she was gonna come stay w/ him --

poor Ariana -- even when Bailey was shot by Jack - and Bailey's wife comes to Atlanta to see him in the hospital -- why wasn't Ariana there? didn't she care about 'daddy'?? at all? i would have thought she would come along b/c her father had been shot (again) and would want to at least see him and know he was okay - even if she didn't like him --

i also, don't understand why neither she, nor her mother were around when Frances shot Bailey and he almost died -- is his ex-wife heartless?

(yeah, i know, this is probably one of those 'the writers took stupid pills and forgot about 'family' members' but anyway)
Ok being an Aussie I don't know US geography to well.....but doesn't Bailey and his family and ex live away? like long distance away?

Or was that just the impression that I got?

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they don't live so far that it would be a burden for his daughter to visit him in the hospital --

ex-wife and kids live in Maryland - Bailey's in Atlanta, Georgia -- it's probably a good 10 hour drive - but that's nothing compared to if he were settled in, say, California or Texas -- that would be a lot farther ---
ah now see i consider 10 hours a long drive......

and when you think about it it really is a long way.....that's nearly half a days drive......that's longer than most people the time that they made it bailey could have been dead or totally better and nearly ready to go home :D

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um - no -- 10hrs? if he wasn't dead, then he'd still be in the hospital --

AND - his ex-wife was there anyway --- i'll bet she flew -- she could have grabbed Ariana --

okay - let's just talk hypothetical here - you're husband works for the FBI - and he's off in Atlanta (you live in Maryland), he's shot, and you hear about it, and he's in the hospital, are you going to leave your 14-yr-old daughter in Baltimore while you rush off to visit your husband in Atlanta?? i don't think so - esp since, after all, the guy IS the kid's dad ---

i wouldn't leave my daughter at 'home' if i was rushing off to visit her wounded father ---

and, ya know, if i found out my mother had gone to visit my father who might be dying in the hospital w/o me - i'd be pretty ticked off --

okay - and if he's dead? - wouldn't you go to the funeral?? you'd need to be around for all those funky legal things anyway and such - b/c i'm sure Bailey's will would leave some of his 'wealth' to his daughters --- someone would have to clean out his house and his office - okay, so the office part would be handled by VCTF and FBI personnel b/c of the sensitive nature of it's materials, but the house? could you image Sam handling all of that? she'd break down and cry every other moment (not that any of us wouldn't - i'm not saying this is a bad thing) -- she'd never finish - esp after losing her husband and Coop prior??

yes - i'm being argumentative -- and to me 10hrs of a drive is nothing - i've spent 16+ hrs on the road before --

i just didn't understand why his ex showed, mentioned Ariana, but didn't bring her along ----
I can understand why Ariana mightn't have been there......Seeing someone you love in hospital probably/possibly dying is not easy. Maybe she didn't want to go, it may have been to much for her. I know it was for me and I've got 10 years on her :(

And yeah 10 hours driving isn't too bad....I do it at least twice a year.......gotta hate living so far from anywhere decent :mad:

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that i can understand - but the problem i have is that she isn't mentioned - or hardly mentioned -- poor girl gets little mention and NO airtime --

does anyone on that show have a happy home life?? everyone has a broken/dysfuntional family - what is w/ that?? i mean, really, is is probable that everyone who works for the VCTF has no semblance of a normal family life?

Bailey's divorced and his kids are non-existent or nearly psycho

Sam's widowed

John has Frances chasing his butt, and had a rel'ship w/ Angel, and isn't he commitment-phobic??

George - he's gay, but i don't know much about him and his personal life, but doesn't he not like his parents much?

anyone i left out?? argh - what personal lives these ppl have - there's almost more drama here than on a soap opera --- (tho, this has better looking ppl)

i like the show, but sometimes the writers/producers go overboard on the 'different' styles of character life. no one in this organization has a 'normal' life -- at least one of them could have the typical mom, dad, 2 kids and a white picket fence --- ya know??
yep you left out Grace, who doesn't get along with her mother. Also going through with a divorce....or is she just seperated and expecting their second child?

George love's his family but his mum seems to be a little distant...she seems to prefer his sister.......

I think that covers most of them now :D

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oops - forgot about Grace! sorry ---

i didn't know all of that anyway -- i knew she had a husband at one point - and that she had a baby - but didn't know the rest -

oh - what ever happened to Nathan Brubaker anyway?? does anyone know? b/c the guy just disappeared - he was there, then, all of a sudden, he's gone w/ no word? and never mentioned again as far as i can recall --- very weird - was he abducted by aliens or something???
Nathan seemed to disappear with the season 2 shakeup.....I kinda liked him actually, and I have no idea what happened to him. Though he did have a wife who had left him when he went to work for VCTF....I know that she gave him an alitmatum, VCTF or me kind of thing.

Maybe he went back to her afterall, and became <gasp> a senator! :p

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the writers simply moved his file to the 'character wasteland' file and forgot about him. he didn't really fit well into the storyline so we'll just drop him
true but a shame

i watched the eppy with Nathan's wife again today and looking at it i'd say he got back with her.....and they lived happily ever after :D

well a girl can dream can't she:rolleyes:

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i hate it when they do that -- if you're gonna dump a character - make sure there's a reason for it -- even a passing mention is better than nothing --

alas - he has gone the way of the 'forgotten' character, never to be heard from again --
you never know they might dig him up fromt he archives one day when they are looking for a new story line

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yeah - that'll happen - considering the show's been cancelled -- sure --- bring Nathan back - he'd love that - he'd be the only one there!!
yeah - both Pretender and Profiler were cancelled by NBC when it decided that a better venture would be the (now-defunct) XFL - Xtreme Football League - the XFL was a HUGE flop - totally sucked - everybody watched the 1st game (my sister and i spent our time making fun of the guys - they were ugly and had stupid names!) - after that - no one watched anymore - and NBC hasn't had a decent Sat-nite line-up since ---

so - basically - they ditched 2 really great shows for some really stupid, bad sport and a bunch of lifeless movies -- it sucks -

isn't that what tv stations are here for? to totally stuff up our lives by taking the good stuff off......and giving us crappy stuff instead?

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