FIC: Profiler Round Robin

Highlander II

There can be only one!!
Jun 6, 2001
I told you I can't leave the 2 shows unbalanced -- so, here's Profiler too!!

Bailey leaned back in his office chair, cigar in one hand, scotch in the other. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Come on in, Sam. What's up?" he asked without moving; he knew she was at the door.

"Hi, Bailey. Am I interrupting?" she asked, hovering in the doorway.

"No. What's on your mind?" Bailey rested the glass on the desk and put the cigar to his lips for a moment.

Sam entered the office and took a seat on the leather couch. "Well, there's something going on in town, and I think we should take a look at it."

Bailey nodded. "Sure. What is it?"

okay - -someone else pick it up!!!!! (sorry - i would have done more, but i gotta run)
Sam looked around the office. How many times had she been here before, in this office, in this situation.

"Actually, I'm not to sure..."

Bailey quirked his eyebrow at her, waiting for her to elaborate. He knew she would, once she had sorted out the images in her mind.

"I got a call from an old friend last night. She wanted me to watch a story on the late news. There was a story about a girl who went missing 2 weeks ago."

Bailey sat back and took a drink of his scotch.

"Teenagers run away all the time Sam. Why did this one get your attention?"

Sam sighed. "She wasn't the first one to disappear from her class Bailey. Her body was found yesterday, close to where she was seen last. To top it off there was a computer disc next to her body."

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(ooh - plot! cool!)

Bailey leaned forward, elbows resting on his desk blotter. "That disk might be important. I'll make some calls, get the case transferred to the VCTF." He placed the cigar to his lips again. "Is there something else bothering you, Sam?"

"No. Well, maybe." She tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. "Bailey, are you getting enough rest? Lately, you've been looking a little tired."

"Late nights. Not sleeping well."

"Take a vacation, Bailey."

"I don't have time for vacation." He leaned back in his chair again.

Sam's face shifted to stern. "Bailey, the VCTF will go on fine if you take a few days off. Take them!"

Bailey sighed and downed the rest of his Scotch.

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George sat in the Command Centre going over some of the files that he had been ignoring because of their lack of appeal. But you can only put things off for so long.

He sighed and hit the enter key to bring up the next file, which immediately got his attention. It was the one with all the outstanding warrents on his attacker (sorry i can't remember his name at the moment ). Someone had requested more information about him, as they had had a reported sighting.

He felt the smile creep over his face. This day was looking up.

He was about to update the file and forward some new information, which he would spend a few minutes searching for when he received a email.

The senders name had caught his attention immediately. He was about to open it when........
...John tapped him on the shoulder. "George, what's that?" He also recognized the name on the email. He shifted on his feet and leaned over George's shoulder, staring at the message header.

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"'s nothing....." George jumped when he realised that John was there. He closed the computer down and turned to face his friend.

"So what are you doing"

"Oh, just playing hookie. All that paperwork is boring." John sat in the chair beside George. "So what was the email about?"

"I don't know, I'll read it's not important I'll probably read it later."

"John, George, good I was looking for you. Gracie will be here in a minute. I wanted to talk to all of you together. We have a new case."

Bailey dumped a folder on the desk and sat down at his usual seat. Sam followed him with her head down deep in thought.

(Sorry I sux at writing.....)
hey - you're doing well! RR's are supposed to take in the cliches and things that generally 'don't' happen on the show! hehe -- just play with it ---- i like these b/c i don't have to come up w/ the whole story myself and i might actually get something written!

Jack's Lair

Jack leaned back in his chair, admiring the conglomerate of photos he had on a large posterboard hanging from the ceiling. His precious Samantha.... He wanted her, loved her, needed her.... Why did she not realize that? He screamed and brushed his arm across the table, raking everything to the floor. Then, he stabbed a long knife into the table, straight through the heart of a photograph that had landed there.

In that husky, dark, Jack-whisper, he spoke: "She WILL know! She WILL see!"


yeah, i wrote a Jack part -- couldn't think of anything to follow the other piece -- so, dragged Jack in --- best i can do today

Jill had walked into the room as Jack had cleared the table. She looked up at the posterboard, and felt the anger building in her. Why was she all that he seemed to care about. Jill knew that she was better than that s#(% any day.......why couldn't he see that.

She through the letter down in front of Jack and stormed out of the house. She would teach him........she would teach them all........
Bailey's Office

George had waited till nearly everyone else had left for the day, he knew that Sam was still in her office, but he had seen John head off an hour ago and Grace had left about 10 minutes ago. He looked around once more before knocking on Bailey's door and entering.

"What's up George?" Bailey sat back in his leather chair and took a sip out of his glass.

George stood in front of Bailey's desk. His fingers unconsciously typing by his sides. He didn't want to do this...but he had no choice.....

"Uh, actually I was wondering if it would be a problem if I took a couple of weeks off...."

Bailey sat up a little straigher, and looked at George a little closer.

"Actually I need you on this case, is something wrong Georgie?"

"Um, no. I just need to go away for a couple of weeks, maybe three." George looked down at a letter opener on Bailey's desk.
Jack's Lair

Jack lifted the letter from the table and scanned it. What was this? Why had Jill left it for him? Where had she gone anyway? He shrugged and tossed the letter aside, pulled the knife from the table and crossed to his computer.

<funky camera close-up of letter w/ cut-out letters pasted together to form the word LibRarY>
John had been looking for Sam for the past couple of hours. She had snuck out of the office, and he needed some advice from her. He sighed as he saw the librarian eyeing him off as if he was going to steal all the books there.

Sam was was sittting at one of the tables, and she had the entire surface covered with books.

John walked up behind her and looked over her shoulder to try and see what she was doing.

Sam jumped when she noticed that someone was standing behind her, when she saw who it was she playfully scolded him......
... "John! You nearly scared me to death. And I 'sneaked' out of the office. No one 'snuck', b/c that's not the proper past-tense form of 'sneak."

"What?" John asked confused. "Did I just walk into English class?"

"I'm sorry, John. What did you need?" She flipped a page in one of her books.

"You, Sam! I want you!"

"Huh? John! You know that would never work."


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