robin hobb

  1. TheBlueFool

    Wikipedia-Characters...The Fool?

    Ok I am obsessed enough with these books that I even looked up the characters on Wikipedia. :rolleyes: And there is a little text on the Fool that confuses me. "It is said that the Fool knows everything before it happens and that he knows if anyone, anywhere speaks of him. Others say it is...
  2. K

    More Fitz?

    Hey! i've read the Farseer Triology and The Tawny Man, but a teacher once said there was another series (she knew it wasn't the LiveShips) with Fitz after the Tawny Man. Is this true? I want it to be:D. Thanks!!
  3. J

    FitzChivalry Farseer's real name... Keppet, apparently! Am I reading it wrong? Picked this up on my second time reading the book. Seems easy to miss. Page 742 of Fool's Fate.
  4. R


    ( apologise if this has already been discussed - Search yielded no results ) I was a little disappointed he never communicated with her - I felt everything was leading up to it. I really missed the animal insight that Nighteyes gave. Myblack was said to be more of a solitary creature...
  5. greylin

    The fool - man or woman?

    I can't make my mind up. Can you?
  6. C

    Hobb's characters

    I've recently finished reading a fantasy book in which the main character is tortured to the point of breaking his will, by somebody who's entire life was dedicated to studying torture. Indeed he behaves like a broken slave afterwards. But then, by explanation of a simple magic trick, he...
  7. L

    Robin Hobb Science?

    What series by robin hobb could be considered science fiction, because i have to do a project and I need to read a book that is not fantasy. Could you please tell me a series that is not fantasy or one I can get away with?
  8. Serin

    If there was a Farseer Film...?

    I have often thought that if there was a film, who could be cast as the main characters in the Farseer/Tawny Man series? I think that the books would translate quite well to the big screen, but finding a cast would be a challenge. Who would you pick to play the likes of Fitz, The Fool and such?
  9. spartan_pwns

    do I need Liveship Traders?

    So i just wrapped up the end of the Farseer trilogy, and must say, i absolutely loved it. I love the story with Fitz so much that i realy want to skip straight to the Twany Man set, but I'm wondering if this would be a vast mistake. So is the Liveship Traders vital for my understanding of the...
  10. nettle

    Paragon's new face

    Amber created for Paragon new face. His new face was Fitz's. Am I right?
  11. J

    ARRRGH the tension is killing me

    damn... it.. Stuck at work and can't read my book yet I am at the end of Assassins Quest.. its like... torture.. damnit.
  12. J

    Query on the Liveship Traders

    Just in the middle of reading Assassins Quest and throughly enjoying the series.. So the question... should I skip The Liveship Traders and go straight to the Tawny Man trilogy .... would I miss anything out of fitz... would it be better to read the liveship traders then the tawny man...
  13. -putawaythosepliers-

    Robin Hobb is a she :)

    Why is it that many people think Robin Hobb is a he? Is it because of the spelling? for instance, i know someone called Robin who is male, but i also know someone called Robyn, who is female. Is it this spelling which determines the gender of a certain person? Or is it *here's my turn to be a...
  14. T

    Dragon in the ice?

    At the end of fools fate, icefire was freed and the white prophets stone dragon was defeated. But doesn't that sort of mean that the cycle is continued? Isn't there another black dragon in the ice at Aslevjal? Just an idea.
  15. idioteque04

    Nighteyes *spoiler alert*

    I have just finished reading Fools Fate and found the Death of Nighteyes to be extremely emotional for me. I did have asoft spot for him due to his special connection with fitz but still i found the way hobb wrote it into the book to be truely amazing. The communication between them in the final...
  16. Misplaced Marbles

    In-Between the Skill-Pillars?

    Sorry, possible spoilers for Fool's Fate. Anyway, hiya! I am a bit confuddled about the Skill Pillars. I shall explain. When Fitz departs Aslevjal for the last time via the Skill Pillar, his journey ends up going a bit skewiff. He ends up arriving at some dark confuddling place...
  17. D

    Forest Mage

    Just finished this and find the series is getting better and just wondering what anybody else feels.
  18. G

    Golden Fool *Missing chapter*

    My boyfriend and I have been reading the Farseer trilogy and now The Tawny Man aloud to each other for some time now. Naturally we're addicted. I was guiding him along the sidewalk today as he was reading, because we couldn't put the book down long enough to go out and get something to eat, when...
  19. Mouse

    Nevare v Fitz

    I'm still reading Shaman's Crossing at the moment and I am enjoying it but not as much as I enjoyed Fitz's stories. Nevare is just so depressing! He's constantly moaning and whining and thinking everything is his fault or his problem, I just want to slap him!! But then Fitz was a bit like that...
  20. HogunFan

    First Book

    Hey, I've often looked at Robin Hobb's books but i've never come to buy one yet. Can anyone reccomend a book that sums up Hobb's style. Maybe a stand alone book, something fiarly straight forward. Thanks