robin hobb

  1. greylin


    I recently finished all of the Farseer/Liveship/Fool books and kept asking my friends - why haven't I discovered this writer before? Her plots are fantastic. My adult children are now squabbling over who gets the next book first, which is something of a coup, as one of them generally loathes...
  2. -putawaythosepliers-

    Am I reading Hobb wrong?

    Ok, well im not unknowingly reading it back-to-front or anything, but I'm midway through Assassins Apprentice and I'm not really getting into it at all. I was just interested in people's opinions as to whether I should give up or if it's really a book worth reading. Perhaps I'm just not...
  3. Mouse

    Nine-fingered slave boy.

    I've just finished Ship of Destiny and loved it! I just wondered why was Wintrow so important to Amber?! :confused: I thought a lot more was going to happen there than what did. Amber kept going on about a nine fingered slave boy and when she finally found Wintrow she didn't really say anything...
  4. Sparks the Knave

    order of reading?

    hello all :D!! I've been hearing a lot of good things about Robin Hobb so I'm thinking it could be next in line on my list of 'too buy's. I was just wondering if there is an order of reading that should be followed, and if the different group of books link in together? also that said, are...
  5. Mouse

    Favourite character?

    Ok, so last night I had a dream that I was Etta!! And come to think of it, she probably is one of my favourite characters from the Liveship books, even though I'm only halfway through the second one. Other faves of mine are probably Fitz, Paragon, Brashen. Um. . . Amber. I prefer Amber to the...
  6. jof

    Forest Mage

    Has anyone else yet read this? I got it a couple of days ago and found it predictable, to the extremes, after the first mention of his 'problem' on perhaps page one i immediatley knew what was going on. Also i think the ending was pretty crud, whilst it was effective, it wasnt the ending that i...
  7. Centurion

    who's get is Galen?

    I know that Galen is the bastard brother of Regal, and that they share a mother, Queen Desire, but can anybody tell me who the father was?
  8. L

    I have Robin Hobb's books on my must read list. Are they any good?

    I've just learned about Robin Hobb an his books. I have added to my 'must read list' "Assassin's Apprentice", "Royal Assassin", and "Assassin Quest". Are they good? Worth putting on my list? Is there any other series of his i should read before i read these?
  9. J

    do I need to read liveship traders

    I love the farseer trilogy to me its beautiful, now I haven't read anything else by robin hood because I reading me back log so I can start reading tawny man in peace but should I read liveship first will it effect tawny man are they connected. If I don't read liveship will i not enjoy tawny man...
  10. Omega

    Fool's Fate

    Had this on my bookshelf for quite a while now, it was in my days as part of a mail order book club and haven't dusted it off for a future read. So opinions please, worth taking off the shelf for a read?
  11. Adasunshine

    Shaman's Crossing

    Has anyone read this? I would like to hear what your thoughts are. Cheers xx
  12. Teir

    The Fool's Gender? (possible spoilers)

    Ok, I don't know if this has been discussed. It seems to be a hot topic on many other forums, and its something i am very adamant about. I find that alot of people have conflicting opinions as to the Fool's gender due to his feelings for Fitz, and the part he played in the Liveship Traders. Hobb...
  13. Tikal

    Robin Hobb- Shamans crossing

    Hey, has anyone read Robin Hobb's new book. Its brilliant. I loved the whole basis the world worked on, everyone belonging somewhere by the decree of the god (not gonna say too much or i'll riun it!). I think I might enjoy these almost as much as the Farseer trilogy (fav books of all time!). I...
  14. braddockery

    More about the fool and his kind

    With Robin Hobb`s new series coming out I`m very excited. I was just wondering how many more people out there other than myself would like to see a new series about the people and places where the fool came from.
  15. Princess Ivy

    time and the farseer/twany man series *spoilers*

    i'm not going to include liveship in this thread, cause i've not finished it. but to me, a big problem in these two series are age and time. i feel that time passed to quickly and the characters didn't ageaccordingly. that was a very confusing aspect for me. on the one hand, people like the...
  16. Neon

    Which series is your favorite?

    I really enjoyed all three series, and I'm curious as to which one you folks enjoyed the most. The best, for me, boiled down between Liveship Traders and Tawny Man. But in the end my vote went to Liveship because I didn't really expect much about a series devoted to ships. I thoroughly...
  17. A


    Am I the only person, who disliked this innocent woman? I've thought it over a lot, and have come to the conclusion that it's because she can never share in Fitz's adventures to the full- she was only ever a looker on. In fact the relationship between them was only ever based on physical...
  18. Darken Rahl

    Tawny Man on the way.. Will I kick myself?

    I just ordered the Tawny Man trilogy, without realizing that the Liveship Traders was in any way connected. Am I about to kick myself for not getting it first? I've read and loved the Farseer, and ordered Tawny Man for more of Fitz and the Fool (btw one of the most interesting characters I've...
  19. Alexa


    I finished Fool's Fate this week-end. Looking back over the trilogies, there was one character I loved most : Nighteyes. I'm just curious. What do you think about Nighteyes ? Did you love the wolf ? Was he more clever than Fitz ? Or he managed to show us the hidden part of Fitz ?
  20. Lacedaemonian

    How highly do you rate Hobb?

    I have just bought the Farseer books. Can any of you please give me a little feedback on Hobb's works?