(Found) Looking for old SciFi Novel.


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Feb 20, 2023
It was one of the first Science Fiction novels I had read in Jr. High School from the Library in 1973. It was not a large book but was written in 1950 or 1960's. Dystopian Novel in the future. Was a Dwarf who used an exoskeleton and axe to fight was one of the characters in it. I originally thought it was a Clifford D. Simak novel as I read many of them when I was younger. Not much to go on but I will still search for it.

Thanks all.

There's a mention on Stack Exchange about a story like this:-

To his left, Tomb the Dwarf towered above the Northmen in his exoskeleton, a deadly, glittering, giant insect, kicking in faces with bloodshod metal feet, striking terror and skulls with his horrible axe.

It's apparently from Pastel City, one of the Virconium stories by M. John Harrison. (I've never read any so I can't verify)
I think you've got it, Danny. Having an omnibus edition of the Viriconium stories on the bookshelf behind me, I can verify your quotation, as indeed from the novella "The Pastel City."
I agree. I read the question earlier on and it rang very dim bells but I could not place it. I think this is from the first or second book in the series. Quite an easy read. Subsequent novels become more demanding.