(Found) SciFi Novel - looking for title - alien invasion where aliens send 1 advance scout to each continent


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Jul 19, 2019
This was a sci fi novel in English that I read in the last 5 years or so.

The basic plot is that aliens plan on invading/colonizing Earth. They send several advance scouts (as robots that look like humans) to infiltrate each major military to try and cripple Earth's defenses. They also park an AI satellite that can read all human electronic communication and databases. The alien robot sent to America was female and was able to nuke the east coast if I remember. One of the alien robots rebels and starts helping the humans. The humans learn to communicate via paper (mail) to avoid the AI snooping.

I also remember that there is a parallel storyline of the ships heading toward Earth containing the aliens that tell the story of the alien's competing/fighting among themselves for power as they travel toward Earth.

Ring any bells?
Thank you for posting back with the answer. I'm sure that a future searcher will appreciate it!