DISCUSSION THREAD -- FEBRUARY 2023 -- 75 Word Writing Challenge

@sule .... You're Better Off Doing It Yourself .... This story left me wondering if there is any hope for an AI generated story, but also feeling pretty sure that I already know the answer to that question
@emrosenagel .... Recycle and Reuse .... This story made me consider the axiom "One man's trash is another man's treasure."

@Snicklefritz .... TrashTransformers .... This story made me realize that one day soon this planet is going to have an abundance of energy.

@Far Stranger .... Rock & Roll Don’t Mind .... This story made me consider the worst of jobs and their necessity.
@mosaix ..... Recycling… .... This story made me think about Karma and rash actions.
@Bowler1 .... Eco Warrior.... This story stopped me in my tracks, asking "Could it ever come to this?"
To my surprise I might actually have something. 96 words, so may be nonsense by the time I have pared it.
You can do it! Ruthlessly pare adjectives, drop every adverb, and make contractions of everything possible. :p
OK, I'll be in this one - youngest has started a dance class with lessons too short to make it worth driving home, so I have 30 min a week with an excuse to work on something-not-my-main-project, as I don't have internet access for those 30 min.
@Peter V ,,,, The Life of a Chief Sanitation Engineer .... This story made me think about how someone earns the title Chief Sanitation Engineer.

@StilLearning .... My god, it's full of.... .... This story reminded me that one man's waste is another man's treasure.
I'd decided to give this month a miss. I'd spent a week tinkering with my story "Coprophagia" (not as disgusting as it sounds) before coming to the conclusion that the reference to traditional folklore was too subtle by far, that it did not amuse even me, and that the story was just not worth posting. Then yesterday I got another idea.
@Hugh .... Something rotten in the state of… .... This story made me think about living in a society of intense scarcity.
I'm in. I did a SF story about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch a couple of months ago, and was tempted to post it again, to see if I did any better with it...

In the end, I went with a different kind of waste this time. Not sure how obvious it is, though.