DISCUSSION THREAD -- FEBRUARY 2023 -- 75 Word Writing Challenge

Rarely am I in so early but I was on the bus home and I've had sci-fi stuff on the brain recently so it just bubbled out there are then. Hopefully that's a good sign!
Ah, me and robots (or androids) the last year or so, *sigh*.

Great choices, Ashleyne. Just for me, I find a wide-open genre (like this) where my imagination decides which sub-genre it will create in works best.

I've enjoyed all the stories so far, good luck to those yet to enter, CC
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@Shyrka .... Reclamation .... This story left me with the feeling that trash shouldn't be treated with disrespect.

@Troyzan787 .... Adding to the Pile .... This story left me thinking that human nature doesn't really change.

@Victoria Silverwolf .... Salvage .... This story made me think about the limits of sea-level rise..

@THX1138 .... Phoenix .... This story made me think about how weird and then how callous human beings can become.

@Cat's Cradle .... The Addict in the Alleyway .... This story made me realize how false my expectations about what happens next can really be.
@BT Jones .... The Spoils .... This story made me think about nuclear physics and nuclear waste in a new way.

@Elckerlyc .... The Rise and Fall of Wasteman .... This story made me think about the difference between horror and humor.
(This one was too clever by half!)

@Guttersnipe .... The Benefactors .... This story made me think about the difference between trash and treasure.

@Cloudy_Day .... Lament of the Waste .... This story made me think about what it meant to be waste.
D'oh, just posted another map story @BigJ -in my defense I had it scribbled on a bit of paper and only just logged online ...so it was coincidence it landed in just after your intergalactic cartographic tale ;)
War Never Changes by @BigJ .... This story just made me sigh with frustration.

If in doubt, wipe it out by @AnRoinnUltra .... This story altered my view of what constituted waste.
@therapist .... Jason’s Roadside Petrol Station .... This story left me with a visual, but not one I want to dwell on.

@Ashleyne .... DO ZERLWAGLANS DREAM OF FLESH HUMANS .... This story made me again consider the idea of "living for today and let tomorrow take care of itself."
In case you missed it, the Feb/March 100 word Anonymous challenge has begun in the writing workshop.
I'm running it this month while Elvet has a well earned break.
You can make as many entries as you like within the time frame (from now until March 7) by sending them to me by P.M./Conversation.
So get writing and PM your entries to me (@farntfar ) for inclusion.

The topic this month is

See the details and the entries so far here
I look forward to hearing from you.
@cyprus7 .... Moss to the Rescue .... This story made me ask the question, "Do I want to be rescued?"